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How to lose weight in just one week

One of the problems that plagues most people today is overweight.

Exercising and eating nutritious foods, following a variety of diets. Calorie intake of low-calorie foods, but some may not be able to lose weight. .

This diet plan is only for weekdays. These foods should be consumed on a regular basis throughout the week.

After following this diet for a week, you will be surprised at the change in your body weight.

Yes, you heard it. Now let us know what diet plan you have to follow for a week.


The first day… the first day should be eaten with only lentils and watermelons. All you can eat.

On the second day … Breakfast in the morning should be eaten boiled potatoes.

These should be maintained at night.

On the third day… on the third day banana and potatoes should not be eaten.

You can eat all fruits and vegetables except these.

On the fourth day, eat 8 bananas. You should drink only 3 glasses of milk.

The range should not be crossed.

On the fifth day , take 2 cups of rice and 6 tomatoes.

Tomatoes should be boiled and eaten.

On the sixth day , eat a cup of rice and vegetables.

Vegetables should be boiled and eaten.

On the seventh day , take a cup of rice and fruit juice.

Diet for one week.

If you notice weight loss after a week or two, you can repeat it again for two to three days.

You can follow this diet plan until you lose weight.

Those who want to lose weight should follow this diet plan immediately.

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