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How to Make a Banana Hair Mask

The banana hair mask has numerous benefits that you are going to discover today. Without a doubt, it is one of the best remedies that we can give our hair. Because we do not realize that with natural and homemade ingredients, we can also get the hair we want.

We know that there are many products that we have on the market . Sure all of them, with amazing results, but still, we are going to try the banana hair mask. From then on, we surely want nothing closer to our mane. Do we check it ?.

Benefits of the banana mask

In broad strokes we can say that both minerals and vitamins will be present in it. So, our hair will also be soaked from them. Among all of them, zinc will be present to prevent falling . It is one of the main minerals as it strengthens the hair. Thanks to all this, the hair is hydrated, smoothed and at the same time, shine will once again be the protagonist.

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Banana mask for damaged hair

We cannot always avoid it. Our hair is getting damaged and, of course, for many products we use, it is not always easy to keep it at bay. So far, as now, we will make a banana mask for damaged hair . The ingredients we need are a ripe banana and a few drops of almond oil. We crush the banana and add the oil. We remove everything and we will have the mask ready.

To apply it, we have to lightly massage the scalp . Then we will let it take effect for about 20 minutes. For a greater effect, we can always add a tablespoon of honey. Without a doubt, it is another of the great ingredients that will provide hydration and health to our hair. A perfect combination for a much more effective result.

Dandruff and dry hair mask

Another of the most successful hair masks is this one. In this case, we will say goodbye to dandruff at the same time that we can forget about drier hair . Because both of them are problems that leave us quite a headache. For this, we only need one banana, also ripe, and 45 grams of coconut oil. We mix both ingredients well, then moisten the hair and apply the mask. We cover with a shower cap and wait about 25 minutes. Then, we remove with warm water and you will see how you discover healthier hair.

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Mask for all hair types

We always have perfect options for all hair types. Well here you have it! It does not matter that your hair is drier or more oily, since in this case the PH of the scalp will be regulated . To do this, we have to mix 125 ml of milk, with 250 ml of water and 50 grams of rose petals. We take it to the fire and wait for it to boil. Then, we will lower the heat to the minimum and leave 15 more minutes. We turn off and strain.

Blend two bananas and when the mixture is warm, we can already mix it with the liquefied bananas. Now is the time to apply it to your hair. We will cover the hair well and wait half an hour for it to work . Then we wash with warm water. You can use it a couple of times a week. Logically, being natural and home remedies, the effect may not be as immediate as we can expect. But you will see that in a matter of a few days of use, your hair begins to transform.

Both honey and oils are perfect to combine with bananas. Only then do we soak up the best ingredients to benefit our hair . We need to get an extra shine, as well as great softness and hydration that we always seek. Which of these masks do we start with?

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