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How to naturally curly hair at home

Curly hair gives women a feminine look and makes them look sexy and attractive. This style is not fashionable, but there are still many women who want curly hair. Losing and rolling are two artificial methods of curling hair, but they harm hair damage. It is not possible to make hair straight after curling using these artificial methods. There are some natural methods of curling hair that you can adopt.

Natural methods to make curly hair

There are many methods of naturally curling hair, but hair must be well groomed before adopting either method. Hair should be washed with an herbal shampoo. Apply a good conditioner by focusing it more on the ends. Pat and pat the hair dry by twisting it in a towel to remove excess water. Then comb them through with a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles. Now apply a leave-in conditioner to make your hair soft, strong and supple.

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Curl enhancement gel

You can apply a styling gel that improves frizz after stacking hair into a bun and securing it with an elastic clutch. Let it dry. Let your hair lose before going out to see a nice curly hairstyle. It is advisable to use herbal gels instead of chemical based gels that can damage the hair.

Hair pulling

A permanent appearance for the hair can be obtained by rolling the hair on a hair brush with force and letting it dry naturally. This natural curling method is popularly known as hair scrunching. Hair curled by this method appears voluminous.

Making hair buns

You can tie a bun after shampooing your hair and letting it dry. You can use a blow dryer on the bun to get curls faster. But blow drying should not be done often as it tends to damage the hair. The bun can be tied in the upward direction and left for some time to get curls. This is a perfect method of getting curls naturally without damaging hair.

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Braiding hair for curls

Divide wet hair into sections and twist each section tightly. The size of the braid will depend on the size of the desired curl. If tight curls are required, 5-6 braids should be done all over the head. Make the braid tight to the end and secure the end of each braid with a clip or elastic band. The braiding should be done close to the crown to ensure that the curls start from the middle of the head and go down. These braids can be left to dry overnight to dry with a blow dryer. The braids must be carefully undone to release the curls. The strands of hair can be separated with the fingers as a comb or brush can remove curls. Apply a non-sticky hairspray to fix curls.

Curls made with the use of rag curlers

Make approximately 12 strips of fabric that are 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. These strips can be made easily but by cutting an old pillowcase. Six strips should be used to curl the top layer of hair and six strips for the bottom layer. The first layer of curls will consist of two sections on each side of the head and two sections at the back. Perform this process on wet hair. Remove a small section of hair from the face. Roll this section over the rag by placing it on the tip of the hair and placing it up. Tie the two ends of the rag together and secure the roll. Repeat this process with all sections of hair around the head. Leave the rag curls overnight or blow dry your hair. Undo the curls in the morning and run your fingers to separate the curls. Apply a hair spray.

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Foam curlers for curls

Foam curlers are similar to rag rollers, but are easier to use and less messy. Different sizes of foam curlers can be used to get different sizes of waves. Curlers should be rolled into sections of hair and fixed with plastic cross bars or special pins.


Velcro rollers

Now it is possible to make your hair curl with natural techniques. First of all, it should be combed so that it does not have knots or knots. There you have to create different sections in your hair where you would like to get the curls. Now take each section and place it on the velcro rollers. You can make the rolls in or out. Otherwise, if you want to get different types of styles with half of your hair and different with the other half, you can continue to make the rolls half in and half out. This will make your hair look really pretty.

Tissue papers for natural curls

Are you surprised But it is a true fact that even with the use of tissue paper it is now possible for the hair to curl. First of all, you should wash your hair with the shampoo that you are using regularly. Then use a towel to soak excess water from your hair. Now apply a serum to your hair that is light and hydrating. Now comb your hair so that no tangles are formed on your hair. Now take a clean tissue paper and roll it into a cylindrical shape. Now take a section of hair and place the same on the fabric. Now you need to roll up the tissue and tie your hands in a knot on the tissue. Do this step on each strand of your hair and see the result after an hour or 2.


This is another effective way to make your hair look curly without using any heat and artificial curling techniques. Even in this technique, you must wash your hair. Then comb with the help of your fingers. Now hold a cotton shirt in front of you. Lower and wave your hair over it. Now wear this shirt over your head covering the hairs in such a way that it forms a turban. Sleep with this hair. Discover your hair in the morning and get wonderful curls and waves.

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