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The best natural foods you should eat for radiant and healthy skin

Good food allows you to stay as healthy and makes your skin shine even more. When you eat healthy there are many things to which you are entitled. Once your metabolism rate improves there is natural healing of the skin. For this, you need to be serious about diet intake. Your daily diet should be sufficient with all the necessary vegetables, vitamins and protein content. This is what you call a balanced diet and food intake that really does good to the skin and the rest of the body system. Brilliant skin! Who  doesn’t want  shiny skin? It is human nature to urge beautiful, vibrant skin. Although some cosmetics make it  look  shine, but  it washes off with water, but a natural shine that Come  to you  for  the rich nutrients, protein and healthy vitamins will not leave you. So keep an eye on the food you eat for naturally shiny skin.

Food for shiny skin


It is your choice to consume the almonds soaked or dry. The best help you can get from almonds is hydration of the skin, almonds maintain the water levels in the body and hydrate it, which will make the skin  look  healthy. Walnuts are the best sources of the fatty acids required for regulation of the cell membrane and to remove toxins from the body.

Whole grains

The list of whole grains of corn, wheat, barley and millet gives you vibrant skin. They are the sources of active components such as  routine  and vitamin B, which help you give hydrated skin.

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Flax seeds

To hydrate the body, open the pores, dilute the sebum levels and fight acne. Omega-3 fatty acids  help a  lot, these fatty acids are widely available in fish oil. If you are a vegetarian,  the best  option is  flaxseed  . To treat sensitive skin and improve skin’s natural glow, consume a  tablespoon  of flaxseed oil before starting your day.


Avocados have many advantages: not only the   avocado  pulp , but  also its peel, vitamin B. The levels of niacin present in the fruit  give it  a smooth and healthy skin and also reduce the  inflamed  and swollen area of ​​the skin.


To maintain good elastic levels in the skin, potatoes  play  a key role with their content of potassium, zinc, copper and vitamin C. It promotes young and fresh skin.


Mango is not only the king of  fruits, but  it is also a leader  with  its vitamin A content. It gives you 80per of vitamin A, which is the total amount required by a human in a day. Mangoes are loaded with antioxidants that are crucial in fighting free radical molecules. These free radical molecules cause damage to the skin and increase wrinkles. Therefore, mangoes are the best part to grab in the summer season to keep skin fresh and shiny.


Eat a lot of berries such as blackberries, strawberries, blueberries or raspberries allows your skin look healthy with abundant amounts of vitamin C and antioxidant properties it promotes  the  skin  young  and protects against inflammation.


The only surprising benefit of capsicum is that it helps rule out crow’s feet problem   . The antioxidants called carotenoids present in the pepper minimize the wrinkle problem when consumed  with  the daily diet.

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Yogurt, which is preferred by many people, not only has  one  taste  excellent, but  also provides many profits, such as preserving the elasticity and firmness of the skin with a rich amount of fiber and protein.

The effect of wild salmon

You can start with wild salmon. But you need to make sure it’s the non-farm variety bred. Salmon is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid and this can help skin become supple and perfectly hydrated. Salmon has selenium content and this is the type of mineral that can protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. You can grill wild salmon and add it to your pasta or salad.

How blueberries work

If you are looking for something rich in antioxidants, then you can easily get blueberry intake. With regular intake of it, you will surely look less aged and this will make your skin shine even more. So be sure to add half a cup of blueberries to your regular cereal or yogurt intake. This will make the food sufficient and beneficial for the skin and general health.

Oysters can do skin good

You can even take advantage of oysters for the benefit of the skin and health. Oysters are good aphrodisiacs. However, the natural ingredient acts as a good source of zinc. Zinc aids in the perfect skin renewal process and may even aid in repairing skin texture. Zinc also helps maintain the condition of the eyes, nails, and hair. Yes, in case you want to look stunning over the years, it is best to have your daily intake of oysters.

Green spinach can work

Eating green leafy vegetables is the sure secret to healthy natural skin. For the reason you can have spinach in your diet. Spinach has lutein and this helps keep your skin and eyes shiny and in top condition. Spinach is also rich in vitamins E, B, and C. It even has calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and the best omega 3 fatty acids. These are the inclusions that make things an ideal addition to the diet. .

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The functioning of walnuts

Walnuts can definitely gift you with a smooth skin texture. This does not mean that you need a full cup of walnuts every day. Walnuts can revitalize your hair and skin and even strengthen your bones. Add walnuts to pasta, desert or salad and in a way that can really change the flavor and nature of food value. Walnut is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and is even rich in Vitamin E. This is why you may consider this as a healthy inclusion in the diet.

The healing power of tomatoes

Tomato is the best source of lycopene. The body better absorbs the lycopene content in the tomato. It is good in both cooked and processed form. Therefore, it would be better if you can store a can of natural tomato sauce. However, tomato juice and tomato ketchup will, too. These are natural products to help the skin stay in its proper state for years and months to come.

The secret of dark chocolate

Do you know that dark chocolate is a good way to keep skin healthy and hydrated? Therefore, it is always advisable to keep some in your bag. Dark chocolate can even protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Some people believe that eating dark chocolate can even prevent the growth of harmful acnes. Good chocolate has the best flavanol content and this is why you should always have some stored at home. In fact, chocolates have more secrets to help keep the skin in its best condition

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