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Cry It Out Method: Extinction Sleep Training, Explained

If your baby is finding difficulty in sleeping at night and disturbing you the whole night means that you are also awake because of your baby that can be a major problem for you and your baby but we are here to help you find the solution.

When a baby is doing these types of things, they are usually hungry but if they are not hungry and not sleepy too that will be massive headache for you.

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Some babies’ bedtimes are late as the parents might sleep late but some sleep really well at their time it also can be a cause of afternoon nap because of that nap baby do not sleep at night.

Nut if this is also not the problem then you can use this method and it will surely help you and your baby to sleep.

The method is called cry it out method. This method will surely work for your child and will make him sleep but as you read the name of the method that means cry it out as it seems to give the baby tears and you will be also in tears when you are implying this method to your baby.

However, it will fulfil you goal that is in your mind to help you 4 to 6 months baby sleep with your own essential skills and for that, you have to be strong so your baby could be strong in future. 

Cry It Out for Sleep Training

Cry it out method is also called the extinction method where you have to become strong and leave the baby to cry it all out until he falls asleep.

So, it means you will not go to comfort her of any sort no matter how much he cries and let him sleep on its own.


There are tips that will help you fulfil this method and help your baby achieve this method to the fullest so he can sleep without any lullaby or with any other comfort that a baby need.

  • Look for the baby’s cue when he’s tired: he might rub her eyes, suck her thumb or pull his ear or might outburst on others or anyone at the same time. These times are the sign of baby is tiring and he needs a bed as for that you should make sure to put the baby in the bed before he gets overtired and crankier.
  • Start you 30 to 45 minutes bedtime routine: this will help you baby to get to sleep and at this time baby starts to get tired too if you put him in the bed at the right time. A good baby bedtime routine consists of a bath, a lullaby, a massage and much more stuff that will make the baby fall asleep quickly.
  • Always put the baby down while he’s drowsy but still awake: the goal behind all the training is to make your baby sleep at your own and for that your bay should be awake instead of sleeping. You just have to put him in your bed and tell him that you love him and leave the room without putting him to sleep. That will make your baby stronger and help him fall asleep on his own.
  • Expect some protest: your baby will definitely cry when he will feel alone as this is done you should also be strong as you should have to leave the baby by his own quicker as possible because the longer you stay the longer it will take to him sleep.
  • Do not respond: well this is the toughest part as the cry it out method is suppose to make the baby cry until he falls asleep by his own. You just have to be strong as well because without comforting the baby it will let your baby become brave in the future and will help you sleep at night as well.

This will give you a couple of rough nights but if you face them and let the baby cry it will favor the baby at all cost because this will let bay sleep by his own self in the future.

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