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Whether you’re a newcomer, an expert in the industry or a professional writer that has a way with words, we want you to write for us on health and fitness-related topics. As long as you can create interesting and fact-based articles, we are interested in publishing them on our website.

We aim to be the destination of choice when anyone within the digital space searches for health or fitness-related topics. And, we don’t just publish news and views on the topics. With health guest posts, you can share informative and interesting articles that provide valuable insight to our readers. Health blog write for us is looking for writers and experts that want to get noticed by being published on our website.

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Write for Us on Health and Fitness-Related Topics – Contribute Health Guest Posts

If you think you have the talent, knowledge and skills to write for us on health and fitness-related topics, proposals, tutorials and guidelines, you have come to the right place. We encourage professionals, experts and content creators in the industry to display their talents by publishing health guest posts on our website.

Categories that you can write for us:

Fitness Write for Us

  • Weight loss, lose belly fat
  • Yoga, exercises, fitness
  • women fitness, men fitness and more

Mental Health Write for Us

  • Depression, anxiety, wellness
  • ADHD, autism, memory and more

Food Write for Us

  • Healthy foods, diet plan, fruits and more

Beauty Write For Us

Guidelines to Follow to Submit to “Write for Us” on Health and Fitness Topics

Here are some guidelines that need to be followed when writing for us on health and fitness.

  • Word Count

Any write for us health articles should be at least 700 words. And, they can be as long as 2000 words. Keep in mind that the health guest posts should be engaging and search engine optimized with the right keywords. Furthermore, the keywords should be placed in a way that doesn’t look forced. Articles must not contain any keyword stuffing.

  • Format

All health write for us guest posts should be written clearly and consicely using standard English. And, the article should be easy to read and understand. You may draft the articles in a conversational, friendly and non-technical tone. Also, make sure the paragraphs are small with two to three lines. You may go through existing health write for us articles to gain an understanding of what we are looking for.

  • Content Structure

Your health write for us guest posts must be relevant to the health and fitness blog categories. You can get started by sending us an email with your health guest post topic before preparing the content. And, make sure that the chosen title is catchy to attract the attention of the readers.

The article should contain a main heading or H1, followed by an introduction. Then, there should be an H2 followed by one or two lines to tie it to the body content. And, the body of the health guest post should contain either numbers or bullets to keep readers engaged and interested.

  • Content Quality

When you write for us on health and fitness, only submit unique content. We do not encourage anyone to submit articles with content that is available on another website. Also, the drafts must be checked on Grammarly to make sure there are no spelling, grammatical, punctuation or other types of minor errors. Furthermore, once you have drafted the write for us health article, run it through a plagiarism checker to ensure the content is 100% plagiarism-free.

  • Images

All submitted articles should contain high-quality images that are creative and in sync with the theme of the content. When writing for us on health and adding relevant images, the readers stay engaged.

  • Backlinks

We allow writers to include one backlink when they write for us on health and fitness to give readers a chance to visit your website. The backlink can be included in the author’s bio.

  • Advertisements and Promotions

We do not accept articles with promotion or advertisement links for any website or products and/or services. Your health guest post should also be free from sponsored tags.

Things to Steer Clear of – Health Guest Post

  • Do not attempt or submit articles that are already published on our website or any other site. And, for this, you may go through our website before emailing us to submit an idea.
  • We do not encourage any link-building schemes and request writers to abide by the rules to not participate in such activities.
  • Our website does not participate in any affiliate linking or affiliate marketing system. And, if that is specifically what you are looking for, we suggest you submit articles on websites that allow and support it.
  • We do not encourage writers to submit promotional articles or links on our website.

Reasons to Write for Us – Health Tips

Here are a few reasons to write for us on health and fitness topics.

  1. Publicity

With health write for us, you will get a chance to publish your articles and make them available to a large audience every month. And, our increasing number of visitors will help your profile grow further.

  1. Linkback

Writers and experts that write for us health can add one backlink to their website or blog in the author bio which will be mentioned at the end of the post.

  1. Social Promotion

Every health blog post that is published on our website is promoted on our social media websites. This further helps writers to get recognized through the author’s bio. And, the backlinks enable readers to become visitors to your website or blog and can further lead to them turning into potential clients.

Lastly, before submitting an article idea, make sure you have carefully thought about the topic you want to write on and have a clear structure and approach planned. Once this is ready, you may send us an email at Also, include a brief introduction about yourself so we can know more about you too.

So, if you think you have innovative ideas and have a knack for writing high-quality content that you would like for us to publish, get in touch with us. Once we receive an email, we will review it and contact you with approval. And, when the structure is approved, you may prepare your article, proofread it thoroughly to ensure there are no mistakes and send it to us. However, keep in mind that we reserve the right to make changes as we see fit to any article that has been submitted. This is to ensure they comply with the standards of our website and keep our readers engaged and interested.