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How to Achieve Salon Inspired Hair At Home

Nothing obviously can be compared to having a glowing shinning salon hair. However, things can happen unexpectedly like a major pandemic with a need to do your hair yourself. Either way, all hope is not lost as there are tips out there to help you achieve that salon hair glam right from the comfort of your home. As a thoughtful person, I am sharing it with you.

1.Learn More About Your Hair.

The main reason your stylist at the salon is able to transform your hair from grass to grace is because she knows your hair texture and what works. Hence, you should learn more about your hair texture, porosity, curl pattern and styling needs.

2.Washing Your Hair

Various studies have different views on the number of times to wash your hair. How often should you wash your hair? When using a healthy shampoo and conditioner ensure, to wash one or twice a week. How to wash your hair:

— Pour a generous amount onto your palm and massage it onto your scalp using only your fingertips.

— Leave on for 3 – 4  minutes. If your hair is oily or covered in dandruff, leave it on for another 1 – 2  minutes to settle in. 

— Rinse thoroughly until the hair is lather free. 

— Apply your favorite conditioner and rinse afterwards.3. Styling Your Hair

After washing your hair, the next thing on your plate is styling and giving your hair that voluminous finish so you can whip your hair back and forth. Avoid using heat like curling irons, heated rollers, tongs, straighteners, and a lot more when your hair is wet. Your hair is more susceptible to get damaged because it is more fragile. Research says dry hair can withstand up to 185°C heat as opposed to wet hair which can only take low temperatures 40 – 60°C. So go and get busy with other things while your hair dries up completely. Remember 100% dry hair can take on whatever you throw at it. Below are few tips on how to use these heat instruments. 

— Curling Iron

For larger curls and long hair, you will need a large barrel size of the tong while short hair requires small barrel size. However, small barrel size used on a long hair would give tighter curls that would last more than a day. Ensure to alternate the sides of the iron in order to give more diverse curls. If the curls come out too tight, hold it by the tip and release some minutes later to loosen it. Do not curl the tips of your hair to give a more professional look. Apply hair serum and spray.

— Straightener 

This is pretty easy. Moisturizer your hair. Then, divide your hair into smaller sections. If you have curly hair, I would advise using a wide tooth comb to help detangle easily. Repeat the process till your is straight and shinning. Use hairspray to create a bit of volume and still create shinny look. 

— Hair Dryer   

Use your blow dryer on low heat to dry your hair if you can’t wait to let your hair dry naturally. Blow dry the hair till it’s almost dry and apply your leave in conditioner. If you have curly hair, apply a curling cream to keep your curls alive. 

The joy of social media is, it gives you access to people. With this access, you can find someone with the same hair texture and learn more about your hair. Whatever works for them may not work for you, keep that in mind. However, their knowledge will help you learn more about your hair and know some things to avoid that is peculiar to your hair type. Achieving salon inspired hair is not impossible. Endeavour to keep your hair appliances clean. Dirty tools will not give the same glowing look you are aiming to achieve. 

You can do more than you know, just keep your routine up, and you’ll be a professional of your hair in no time.

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