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What is the success rate of a Hair Transplant?

What is Hair Transplant? 

Hair Transplant is a minor cosmetic surgery performed under local anaesthesia. It is considered one of the best ways of hair restoration. It gives permanent and long-lasting results. Hair is transplanted by taking hair follicles from the back and from sides of the scalp. As the hair on these portions are thick, dense, and resistant to hair loss. The treatment is completely safe and gives natural looking results.

Is Hair Transplant surgery really successful or not? 

Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are more and more popular and generally hair transplant in Delhi in particular. These treatments are spreading widely all over the globe. Hence, over time the hair transplant treatment has also become cheaper, and yet the services are easily available. Nowadays people are becoming more desirable for undergoing hair transplant surgery since many celebrities and wealthy people have performed it. Balding and significant hair fall is one of the most undesirable problems that both men and women face. Everyone and everyone, even older people , want to get rid of this problem. So, there is no wonder why Hair Transplant in South Delhi is one of the most demanded surgeries around the globe. 

The success rate of hair transplant is determined by the surgeon after diagnosis all the factors like age, causes of hair transplant, area of baldness. And then the surgeon decides if the patient is the right candidate for a hair transplant operation or not. The success rate would be higher than 95%  if the patient’s situation is good to perform surgery. 

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Factors of successful Hair Transplant 

Selecting a right Hair Transplant surgeon

The surgeon is the main reason behind a successful hair transplant.  He must have a good experience and skills. The right surgeon will give you the best advice during the consultation. And a right surgeon may be able to deliver a higher success rate of your Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi.

Techniques used for Hair Transplant surgery

The success rate of hair surgery also depends on the donor harvesting technique. There are two popular hair transplant procedures which are used for hair grafting: FUT and FUE. And it is very important that you understand both techniques and select the best one for your hair transplant.  You can also ask the surgeon about the latest trends and what procedure fits you that ensure a high success rate. 

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Expectation and Hope 

Some people just want to hide their baldness and some want to restore their lost hair. Assuming all else is equal, the success rate of hair transplant varies widely on your hopes and expectations. 

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