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Why Parents Should Pay Attention To Adolescent Counselling?


According to many leading experts, the adolescence stage is a complicated period in the life of human beings. There are multiple changes happening all around, be it mental stresses or physical changes. Adolescents need to understand what is happening to them and deal with the pressures of the same in a mature manner. 

As parents, we need to understand that every child is different. What might be an issue for one, might not necessarily mean the same thing for someone else. 

There are tons of issues, which adolescents face. Whether it is school pressure, acknowledging the divorce or separation of parents, or even getting over the death of their beloved pets. All these issues require professional assistance. 

In this article, we look at how counselling for your child can help him or her manage their feelings better. We also look at some techniques of adolescent counselling that are suggested by the top professionals in the industry. 

Why is Adolescent Counselling Important?

In the past few years, the advent of digital and tech platforms has changed the way kids grow up. As parents, we did not have exposure to such issues when we were kids. Hence, to say that we understand the pressures and stresses emanating from these mediums is not correct. 

Access to information, freedom, and financial resources can be a good thing. However, it can also lead to a lot of problems if the same is not handled in a responsible manner. Most parents are so engrossed in their everyday lives and work that they have little or no time to make sense of what young kids are going through. 

If the problems are not addressed in a professional manner, adolescents can find themselves opting for certain alternatives, which might not make good life decisions. Taking to drinking, exploring drugs, engaging in sexual activities are all coping mechanisms that no parent would want their kids to take up. 

How Parents should Handle Mental Health Issues in Adolescents?

In this section, we ask professionals to help us with a list of strategies to help parents address mental health issues faced by adolescents- 

1. Responsible Discussions- 

The first thing parents need to do is find the time and engage with their kids. Ask them about their daily lives, without expressing any sense of judgment. This will allow kids to open up and express if they are facing issues. Care should be taken to impress upon the kids that each one is different and special in their own rights. This will help you win their confidence. 

2. Take Professional Help- 

Adolescent counselling is a field of specialization, which should only be handled by professionals. Counsellors who practice discipline often do not try to do anything else. The strategies, the handling as well as the challenges are all different. This is why parents should look to engage the services of a professional, who is an expert in dealing with such issues. 

3. Act Maturely in front of your Kids- 

Kids learn from their parents. In fact, some counsellors go as far as to say, that fifty percent of the adult behaviors of kids are defined by what they see their parents doing. This means that parents should be responsible when it comes to arguing among themselves, drinking activities, and any other thing, which they themselves consider as being wrong. 

4. Exercising Patience in Adolescent Counselling- 

You cannot force your kids to give up mental health issues. The sensitivity of these issues requires parents to give their children some time to overcome them. It is not like the flu, which can get treated with a shot of antibiotics. It requires time, effort, and sustained mental healing over a long period of time. This is why it is important to be supportive at every step of the way. 

The Final Word

Adolescents are always trying to make sense of different things all around them. From dealing with hormonal changes to being influenced by peer pressure, it is only natural for them to fall prey to depression, anxiety, and stress. Mental health is a real problem in adolescents and should be treated as such.

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