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3 Ways to Make Your Style Stand Out

There are 7 billion people in the world. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. And if you live in big cities, blending in is something you can achieve with minimum effort. Just wear what others are wearing, and you’re good to go. 

However, there are times when you need to stand out from the crowd. When you don’t want to be just another faceless stranger. Instead, you want to be that person with a unique style. Someone who enters the room and all heads turn to see.

If you’re that person, there are ways to make your style stand out without making you look like a clown in the world of goths. 



Your accessories can make or break your standing-out game. You can wear a rather bland outfit and have your accessories bring a radiant shine to it. And no, this is not even about wearing bling-blings (if you don’t want to. And if you want to, that’s another way to go about standing out!). But with the right set of accessories, you can draw an outstanding look out of your outfit. 

One of the ways accessories help you stand out is by adding a touch of texture to your outfit. It also gives you more color options to experiment with. So, if you have not aced your color matching skills, now is the best time to do that. Accessories also allow you to choose what part of your body you want to draw people’s attention to. For instance, you could use a statement necklace to attract people to your neck, first, then your bust, and then your face. You could also use large earrings to draw attention to your face and hair.

Also, if you have little to invest in accessories, you can use clothes that have built-in accessories instead. Some tops or skirts come with their belts, for instance. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It just has to be attractive enough to get people to take a second look at you.


  • Experiment With Bold Colors


There are a handful primary colors, but about a million shades and hues of these colors. And with these colors, you can create your own style that is sure to make you stand out. The fastest way to get lost in the crowd is to wear a dull color. But standing out requires that you experiment with bold colors. People are not used to seeing these bold colors worn, and they would definitely notice you when you wear them.

However, it is easy to get it wrong here. The problem with bold colors is that they are often hard to mix and match for the average person. Bold colors either complement or compete with one another. So, you have to be sure that whatever bold colors you are wearing match, or your outfit might end up looking off-balance. 

But when you get it right, no one would see you without at least acknowledging you. For example, you could combine a top with a strong shade with a more reserved color for the bottoms.


  • Wear Your Style With Confidence


This is the part where most people fall short, even if they have the most dazzling outfits on. When you wear your style, you have to own it! You have to let your body language ooze with confidence. You can wear a black pride t-shirt and a pair of jeans and still stand out for the right reasons. 

Never slump your shoulders, no matter how bad your day is going. Keep your head up and shoulders straight and squared. Don’t let your arms be all over the place when you walk because every movement you make has to be deliberate. 

Granted, it is easy to feel confident when your outfit already looks good. But you can also make your style stand out when your posture brims with authority and confidence, even if you’re wearing what everyone else is wearing. 


Standing out is as much about what you wear as it is about how you wear it. But it’s no secret that what you wear can boost your self-confidence, making it easier for you to stand out.

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