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How to keep a balance between emotional and physical intimacy?

A strong and healthy relationship is based on a lot of things. You need trust, loyalty, integrity and a lot of romance. However, all these things can be consistent in a relationship only if there is physical intimacy as well as emotional intimacy. In the beginning, almost all the couples can balance both. However, after a certain amount of time, things start getting a little messy. 

It takes a lot of effort to maintain the both. Hence, if you are also struggling with both, then you must take some measures to improve your relationship. Although, the question is why do you need both?

The need for physical intimacy

Physical intimacy or sex is an urge for connection. However, it does not require an emotional component. Although, if you are in to a relationship, it is equally necessary. It is a thing that will bind the both of you together. As human beings, we are programmed with the urge to merge. Thus, if you do not have sexual intimacy between you, then there is a possibility that your partner will try to find it somewhere else. Thus, to avoid all of that, you should make sure that you are having a physical connection with your partner. 

The need for emotional intimacy

Physical intimacy can happen between two people who do not love each other. However, emotional intimacy requires much more. It is a connection between two people that deepens and grows with time. The couple feels safe and usually trusts each other a lot. Well, this develops only if you communicate. The more you talk to each other and spend time with each other, emotional intimacy will grow. A relationship will die, if there is not emotional intimacy in it.

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How can you balance the both?


  • Communication


Well, this is the most important. It will give you a better idea of the feelings of your partner. Also, communication does not mean only daily check-ins and talks about work. It actually means spending quality time with your partner and having a genuine discussion about anything. Do not check your phone while doing this and be genuinely present in what your partner has to say.


  • Trust


This is one really important thing in a relationship. It is needed to experience emotional and physical intimacy both. If you have a hard time trusting your partner, then you should probably work on it. You can talk to them and tell them how you feel. In this way, they might try to change their behaviour or put an effort in making you feel more secure. 


  • Try a different routine


If you are having sex at the same place and in the same way, then you might start losing interest in sex too. You will have to be creative and try different positions. It is important to keep the spark alive. You should feel the way you felt for the first time when you were there with your partner. Try different things with foreplay as well. You can even try a different location as that will add some zeal in your relationship. 


  • Share about your feelings


If you want to increase the level of emotional intimacy between the both of you, then you should share all your feelings. You should share doubts, fears, pain and even sadness. You can share this while being in the arms of your partner. This will help in developing a bond between the both of you. Your partner will also try to explain you and in this way, your bond will flourish.

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It is important to have both as you cannot have physical intimacy without emotional intimacy. In the same way, you cannot have a strong emotional intimacy without physical intimacy. When you develop genuine feelings for someone, you need to learn to keep a balance between the both.

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