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How soon you should get intimate in a new relationship?

The dating world has its own set of rules and regulations. Some people believe in doing what their heart says while some go by the rules. However, these rules are made by surveys and studies. They are no sure shot way of landing in to the perfect relationship. This is because there are no rules when dealing with a human. Every person is different and hence, every relationship will be different.

Although, one question still remains the same and that is when to take the plunge and sleep with someone. If you are looking for a stable relationship with someone, you might want to take some time and evaluate the person completely. Although, this again varies from couple to couple. Sometimes people sleep on the first date and fall in love with each other.

However, a survey was conducted by Group on where they asked this question to around 8000 adults. The results were quite shocking as most of them preferred to wait for a while before sleeping with their date. On an average, people agreed on getting intimate with their partner after eight dates.

In a way this makes sense because eight dates are enough to know a person. You can judge them and understand things about them. Sometimes taking things intimate can spoil a relationship. It is better to give some time to understand each other. You can also spend some time and evaluate your feelings about a person. You might think that you like someone but, spending time with them and knowing about them can change your feelings. If that is the case, then there is no point in being intimate with them.

However, waiting to get intimate can differ between genders. A survey suggests that males can wait up till 5 dates for getting intimate. On the other hand, women usually take their own time. Most of them prefer to wait till 9 dates before getting intimate. However, many hookup confessions suggest that people often get intimate on their one night stands where there is no commitment for a relationship. 

Also, it is not only about sex. Many people even wait to have their first kiss until the second date. Sometimes, you might like someone but they might not call again. Sometimes, you might like that person in the moment but, in retrospect you don’t. Hence, you can always wait till the second date. However, there are rules of setting up the second date too. Usually, the older generation believes in waiting until 3 days to set up a date. At the same time, the millennial generation waits up till 48 hours to set up the second date.

However, it is completely up to you. Although, the rule to save yourself till some dates can be also called as the “Goldilocks approach of dating”. It is all about figuring out the right time to be intimate with your partner. However, the social scientists are still researching on this phenomena. The famous TV show, “Sex and the city” stated that the ideal time to have sex is after three dates. Although, the scientists have not been able to find any concrete information on this. 

This is also because date is a very vague term. What counts as a date anyway? Is it going alone for dinner or ice cream? Also, how is it different from hanging out and talking with a person? These are some of the complications that one faces while evaluating the complete science behind this.


However, it is important to realise that you must go with your instincts when in a relationship. There can be rules but they might not work out for you. If something feels right, then that is because it is right. Hence, if you feel like taking the plunge on your second date, then maybe you should. However, it is still a good idea to wait till the second date.    

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