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5 Things to Consider When Creating Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts can be a great option for your business, a fundraiser, giveaway, and merchandise! But there’s so much more to it than choosing artwork and slapping it on a shirt. Put together by a producer of pro-black shirts, here are a few things you should consider when creating your custom t-shirts.

Why Order Custom T-Shirts? 

There are a few reasons you might want to order a custom t-shirt. You could want to promote an event, give your employees matching shirts to wear to a party or give them away as marketing. You should never make custom t-shirts for the sake of it – always have a reason why you need the custom t-shirts. Always have an audience in mind.

Once you know who will be wearing the shirts, it’s easier to conceptualize the rest of the process. Making something that your audience will use and wear is key, whether you’re giving the shirts away for free or selling them as merchandise.

Consider your Image and Work on Branding

While you’ll probably want to consider this near the end of the process, it’s always a good idea to know what image or brand you’re trying to promote. Choose a design and options that will work towards your goals, whether that’s just advertising, fundraising, marketing, or something else. If you’re creating for a specific brand, make sure that you’re staying true to that brand’s message (and that you have permission from the brand itself). 

Consider how you want your T-shirt to look, including what type of printing you want to pursue. Screen printing is the most popular type of t-shirt making, but there are other options if you want to try something new. 

Fabrics Matter

What fabric is your t-shirt going to be made of? You want a fabric that is durable, machine-washable, and that won’t fade quickly. Consider also choosing a fabric that is cottony, soft, and pleasant to wear. When your audience loves the way that your shirts feel and wear, they’ll be more inclined to purchase them or use them. 

Consider choosing a fabric that isn’t too thin, as tempting as it is to substitute thickness for softness. A thinner shirt won’t keep your customers very warm, and they also wear down, tear, and become damaged more easily. Choose a fabric that will last without being too expensive.

Options, Colors, and Sizes

If possible, you’ll want to provide a variety of colors for your customers (even if you’re just handing the t-shirts out to your employees). No matter who your audience is, giving them options is always good. Make sure there are different colors available, different cuts if possible (women’s shirts and men’s shirts, for example), and of course, a variety of sizes. You’ll want to make sure that as many people as possible can wear your shirts, so make them available in a wide variety of sizes! Even if it costs more to make, those who need them will be grateful. 

Cost and Pricing

Finally, we’ve come to consider the cost. Of course, making custom t-shirts can be expensive, especially in bulk. If you’re going to be selling your custom shirts for whatever reason, you’ll need to consider the price. You want to make sure that you make a profit, but you’ll have to accept that maybe the margin of profit isn’t going to be that much – especially if you’ve made a higher-quality t-shirt. 

Some t-shirts sell for as little as $10, and some for as much as $50. It’s up to you to determine where your custom t-shirts fit in the spectrum. Make it worth your customers to pay, but don’t take a loss on the creation of the t-shirts either.


It can be tempting to make a custom t-shirt with only a design and the cheapest, quickest fabrics and screening processes. However, if you’re looking to sell your shirts or offer them to your customers to wear, taking the time to consider different aspects of your shirts (including the cuts, available sizes, fabrics, and branding) can make a huge difference. Keep in mind that you want people to wear your shirts, so always strive to make them comfortable and affordable.

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