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5 things most men ignore during intimacy

Physical and emotional intimacy is really important when it comes to relationships. Hence. It is a good idea to experiment with it. However, the last thing that you want to do on the bed is turn off your lover. Although, a lot of men ignore various things while getting intimate with their partner. It is not going to turn them off. Although, if you pay attention on those things, your partner will surely be more in the zone.

Most men forget to kiss their partners while having sex. Well, this is not a good thing. Do not ignore her lips. She wants you to kiss them and suck them. It is a good idea to play with them and tease her a little bit between sex. Sometimes, the position does not allow you to kiss. Also, you might feel that it might hinder with the climax. Instead, you should make that effort to kiss her. In fact, it will add on to the overall experience for you and her both. 

  • Do not pay attention to other parts of the body

Men usually pay attention to the sexual parts of a woman only. When they get intimate, they focus on the breasts and the vagina. However, it is a good idea to explore the other body parts as well. If you want to go subtle and get her in the groove, then this will work for sure. Pay attention to her knees, wrists, back and even stomach. Try to caress her or tickle her. Most men actually ignore all these parts while getting intimate. These things will surely excite your woman and she will respond in a better way.

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  • Climaxing too soon or too late

Sometimes men do not have control on their muscle. Most of the times they do not even pay attention to that. They just ejaculate at their own time. Sometimes they forget to pay attention to their partner. It is important to have good control over you muscle and you need to understand when to ejaculate. If you do it too soon, then you partner will be left unsatisfied. Although, if you do it too late, then she will feel like she has put in a lot of effort. Hence, you need to spend a lot of time on foreplay before so that you do not have to face this situation. Men even ignore spending enough time on foreplay sometimes, while getting intimate with their partner. 

  • Staying quiet

Men do not realise this but, this is one of their worst habits. They like to hear when their woman moans or responds. However, they ignore doing the same when they are having fun. Thus, do a favour to them and speak up. Sometimes a simple moan works. Also, when getting intimate with your woman, try to tease her in middle of the act. You can also compliment her. However, do not do it for the sake of it. Women usually can tell the difference between a fake and a genuine compliment. 

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  • They don’t pay attention to your expressions

Most women think that men look at their face while getting intimate. Hence, they try to maintain a single expression. Actually, the truth is men are not focusing on your face so much. They usually ignore all these petty things. Hence, it is a good idea to express what you feel instead of staying pressurised or nervous. Men like confidence and thus, you should emit that. Do not think so much about expressions. 


These are some of the things that men ignore while getting intimate with a woman. However, there are certain things that men need to consider and start paying attention to while there are certain things that women need to stop over thinking. People end up posting adult confessions if they have had a terrible experience with a man and you might not like to be one among them.

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