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Tips to overcome bitterness in a relationship

There are fights and difference of opinions in almost any relationship. Sometimes they get solved instantly while some days they last a little longer. However, if you continue to take these quarrels to your heart, then they can turn in to something very bitter. In fact, bitterness is worse than anger. You can vent out your anger but, bitterness grows with time. You need to take some measures to deal with them. It can feel worse as you might feel helpless too.

However, overcoming bitterness is really necessary to avoid complications in a relationship. This is because they can affect your relationship drastically. Apart from that, if your relationship is over but you are still hung on this feeling, then it can cause stress, lack of sleep, fatigue and even lack of libido. If you are aware that you are feeling bitter, then there are a lot of ways to overcome bitterness. 

Bitterness can lead to sympathy. Thus, if you are telling your story to a friend or relative, you will expect sympathy. In the process, we often forget to see the truth as it is. Also, you might forget the part that was upsetting you the most. It is a good idea to sit with yourself and ask questions about how you are feeling. You can even try journaling. It is important to vent out your feelings. Do not dismiss what you are feeling by thinking that it is immature or impractical. Otherwise, you will never be able to overcome this bitterness.

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  • Think positively about your partner

Well, this is a little difficult. However, you will have to put in efforts to change your vibe and energy. If you will focus on their bad behaviour, then you will feel worse about yourself as well. Also, resentment and bitterness will increase. Also, if you are in a relationship and you have turned bitter towards your partner, then it will be a problem. This is because negative feelings will make you feel suspicious, judgemental and critical towards your partner. If you want to save your relationship, then you will have to look at the positive sides of your partner too.

  • Appreciate them

You will need a lot of humility for this. Initially, this might seem like a torture as well. You might not be able to do this too. However, you should do it for your own betterment. It will help you in managing your feelings of bitterness. Over a period of time, you will actually stop feeling bitter towards that person. Positivity can change a lot of things. There is good in every person. So, make sure you sincerely appreciate them for the good inside them.

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  • Take responsibility of things

If your relationship has turned bitter, then it is not only your partner’s fault. Even you might have contributed in the process in some way. This is because if you feel a victim, then you are helpless. On the other hand, if you take responsibility of certain things, you will feel powerful. At the same time, your brain will start thinking of solutions as well. Do not be ashamed to admit your faults as well. This will actually liberate you. After that, you might be able to deal with yourself in a much better way.

  • Stop stalking

This one applies after the breakup. If you relationship has turned bitter and your parted ways, then let it be. Do not stalk them all over social media. Bitterness can lead to obsessing over someone as well. You might start checking on them as well. This will surely drive you crazy. For example, if your partner did not eat Chinese with you but, posted a picture at a Chinese restaurant with their friends, then it will drive you crazy. You will end up feeling bitterer. Thus, just avoid to stalk them.

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