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Everything You Need To Know About Face Yoga !

Face yoga has been making the rounds as one of the trendiest workout routines ever. No mat or equipment required for it can be done anywhere anytime. And, the results are phenomenal.

Well, who doesn’t want to look fresh and glamorous on their grand wedding day? A dazzling face captivates that much needed attention and we tell you makeup isn’t the only way out. Well, ShaadiWish tells you to place your bets on the magical Face Yoga method which promises long-lasting shine and glow on your skin without using any facial cream. 

What Is Face Yoga?

Originated in Japan,Face Yoga is a technique that comprises of series of continuous facial exercises that works in a manner that rejuvenates face muscles, stimulates the anti- wrinkle process, reverse the skin aging, deep cleansing by removal of toxins, enhances the blood circulation in skin cells, nourish it from deep within and speeds up the process of tightening of skin. It works on all the layers of skin by regulating more oxygen supply and nutrients to reach in each and every skin cell of your face. 

How To Practice Face Yoga?

Needless to say, we all know how every bride puts in a lot of efforts to look her best on her d-day. We firmly believe fresh and happening facial looks are not only mesmerizing but also a total treat to spectators’  eyes. So let’s explore the most refreshing and anti-aging Face Yoga techniques :

1.The Manual Face Lift

The Manual Face Lift is one of the finest face yoga techniques that helps in the relaxation of face muscles and will eventually vanish all the nasolabial folds (which happens due to excessive smiling ) that will make you feel youthful again.

How To Do It?

First place both your palms on your temples. Then gently push the palms up and back to lift the sides of your face. After that do that ‘O’ shape thing with your mouth and relax your jaw. Hold this position for 5-6 seconds and repeat it twice.

2.Forehead Smoother

 It is basically an acupressure technique to keep the wrinkles, forehead lines and other stress marks on your temple at bay. 

How To Do It?

The very first step is to place your clenched fists on the forehead region and then apply pressure using knuckles of the middle and index finger. Maintain the pressure while slowly sliding your clenched fists to either side and stop at your temples. Don’t forget to repeat this technique four times.

3.Temple Lift

This face yoga technique works wonders for sagging facial skin, folded lines near eyes and droopy eyelids. 

 How  To Do It?

Start this dynamic technique by lifting one arm up over your head and place fingertips on your temples. Now put your ring finger on the corner of the eyebrow and press to lift followed by dropping your head towards your shoulder. Stay still in this position for a few seconds and repeat it on the other side.

4.Eye Massage

Can’t help but admire the impactful results of this face yoga technique as it helps you in getting rid of dark circles and complete exfoliation of the eye region.

How to do it?

Close your fists and while doing so hold the thumb upright. Gently close your eyes and move your right thumb on your right eye in a very subtle manner and vice versa. This should be done with gentle pressure and precision for 3-4 minutes.

5.Chin Exercise

Bid a goodbye to double chins and get that chic jawline with the help of this technique.

How to do it?

Look up! Just hold your chin in such a way that both thumbs are below the chin. Now press the chin from the lower side and move upwards for about 2-3 minutes.

6.Get Cheeky

Get a lift up and plumpy face with this face yoga technique.

How to do it?

Start it off with tightly closing your lips. Suck your cheeks in and make a form of “fish lips”

with your mouth for upto 10 seconds. Repeat this 5 times.


7.Face Firmer

No one likes to have saggy cheeks and loose facial skin. This technique will tighten your skin together with improving the elasticity of skin.

How to do it?

Make a sideways kiss like face in such a way that right teeth are pulled to the left side of your mouth and vice versa for 10 seconds or more.

8.Stick Your Tongue Out!

Hold the tongue out for toning down fat of facial skin and removal of wrinkles all over the face.

How to do it?

Stick out your tongue down as much as you can for upto 60 seconds and repeat it 3 times.

9.The Puppet Face

This technique is a super easy replacement to the Botox surgery as it strengthens the muscle and makes the face look fuller and beautiful.

 How to do it?

Crack a wide smile and lift nasal labials , then gently press your fingertips into the folds between nose and lips for 5-6 seconds.

10.Plump Up The Lips!

Get those luscious and fuller lips by removal of lines at the corners of the mouth.

 How to do it?

Firstly, sit down and take your head back slightly. Next, pucker your lips tightly and push forward for 10 seconds without releasing. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Just take out 30 minutes from your busy schedule and see a drastic change on your face in just one month.

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