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makeO toothsi aligners – a modern solution to an age-old snag

A few years ago, skinny jeans were all the rage and nobody would want to be caught dead in flared pants or mom jeans. But today, all everyone is wearing is flared pants and mom jeans. The retro and groovy styles that were trending in the 90s are again back in fashion 30 years later. Whatever the latest trend, something that stays forever en vogue is a beautiful smile. Fashion fads may be cyclical but with time, technology has advanced to such a point that today online retailers can deliver, to your home, everything that you might need or want under the sun. So, why should enhancing your most striking, timeless feature be any different? What if the solution to having the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted is as simple, tech-savvy and convenient as pressing a button in the palm of your hand without you moving from your comfortable sofa?

Do you have small or big gaps in your teeth, crooked or forwardly placed teeth, a cross, open or deep bite? Two decades ago, if you had any of these issues, you would need to see an orthodontist monthly, wear braces that are unsightly, painful and difficult to maintain and continue to do this for at least 12-24 months. But today, all you need to do to get the smile you’ve dreamed of, is to go on the makeO toothsi website or download the makeO app and book a 3D scan, free of cost.

Once you book the scan at a time and place as per your convenience, which is either your home or an experience center near you, a makeO toothsi pro will come and get a 3D scan of your mouth and teeth. This takes only a few minutes and is done very easily by inserting a wand into your mouth and running it all over your teeth. While this service is available in most cities pan-India, in case it isn’t present in a location close to you, makeO toothsi will send you an at-home impression kit, which they can guide you to use by setting up a video call. Using this scan or impression, orthodontists prepare a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will be shared with you. In this treatment plan you can understand how the aligners work, how long it might take for you to achieve the results that you want and with a smile designing software you can even see how you will look at the end of the treatment with the corrected teeth. Once you are satisfied with the result and you approve the treatment plan, only then is payment required. After this, makeO toothsi 3D prints your clear aligners so they fit on top of your teeth perfectly and  delivers the customized aligners at your doorstep.

The makeO toothsi clear aligners work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth to reposition them in the correct place. So once the first aligner has done its job, you will need a new aligner for the next part of the repositioning. According to the plan you will receive your new aligners periodically, all you have to do is switch them for the new ones. You need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day and should only take them off when you are eating, the makeO toothsi app helps you to keep track of wear time of the aligners as well. With the makeO toothsi app, you can check your smile makeover plan progress and stay in touch with the orthodontist and support team in case of any queries or concerns.

So yes, repositioning your misaligned teeth is literally as easy as downloading an app or clicking a button on a website. And when it is that easy to make your most gorgeous feature the best it can be, why wait?

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