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How Much Should A Breast Augmentation Cost?

If you’re interested in a breast augmentation, one of the first things you’ll likely want to know more about is the cost of the procedure. With so many plastic surgeons out there providing the service and so many options available, it can be difficult to wrap your head around exactly how much the procedure will set you back, but there are some rough guidelines to familiarise yourself that can help. In this article, we take a look at a few of the factors that can determine the price of a breast augmentation procedure to give you a better idea of how much one might set you back.

Looking for budget surgery? It might be time to reconsider

If you’ve just started to dip your toe into the world of plastic surgery and are looking to get a breast augmentation in Sydney, you might be surprised at the sheer amount of options you have available. Not only do you have to invest a huge amount of time to find the right surgeon for your needs, but there are a lot of options related the to procedure itself that can influence cost dramatically. And when you find that the cost for what seems like the same procedure can also differ to a significant extent, you might be even more confused! This is because, as with any other product or service, you get what you pay for when it comes to cosmetic surgery. the upper ends of the spectrum are usually for the services of highly skilled and well established surgeons with decades of experience, while a lower cost might be due to the surgery being conducted by a newer surgeon or surgery that is conducted overseas. On the lower end of the spectrum, you should expect to pay between 5 thousand and 6 thousand dollars, which might net you a generic solution from a high volume surgeon, and in this price bracket they will also usually use a cheaper implant. Because the cost is lower, you will usually be offered little choice when it comes to the style, size, shape or brand of the implant. 

Looking to spend a little bit more?

When it comes to your own body, spending a little bit more is never a bad approach. If you choose to spend between 7 thousand and 8 thousand dollars, you might not be afforded some of the useful things more expensive surgery offers, such as detailed consultations. These consultations allow you to ask questions and go through all of the possible options with a surgeon, and these can offer fantastic peace of mind. This price bracket may also still include some cheaper options, such as round implants rather than the tear-drop style implants, which provide a more natural look and are also reputed to cause less undesirable side effects. 

Expensive augmentations should be treated as an investment 

When you invest more in breast augmentation, you’re afforded a lot more than you might think. Spending over 10 thousand dollars on an augmentation procedure will land you a highly experienced surgeon, high quality implants and unmatched pre and post-operative support. Don’t just assume that a high cost will translate to a great result, though – you should still be investing in a lot of research to ensure that the surgeons reputation does reflect their price. When you do find the right one for you, you should be set for decades to come – that’s how much of an investment augmentations can be.

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