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How to use hair serum

The hair serum , like the facial serum , offers a very high concentration of active ingredients that are excellent for repairing damaged hair , hydrating it from the inside and making it look much healthier, smoother and prettier. It is also indicated to finish giving the desired shape to the hairstyle and prevent frizz in the hair once we leave the house. Although it provides all these benefits, it is important to know how to apply it correctly so that the results are as expected. Would you like to try it? Don’t miss the tips in this OneHowTo article on how to use hair serum .

Steps to follow:

1.It is possible to find different types of hair serum on the market, so you should choose the one that offers the formula you want. There are them with straightening effect, repairing open ends , protector, etc., but all of them will provide hydration and an extra shine to your hair . Its use will be great to enhance the beauty of your hair.
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2.The hair serum is a somewhat oily base that can be presented either in liquid format or with a slightly creamier texture. Whichever texture you choose, it is advisable not to overdo it in its application since the result can be too greasy and matted hair.

3.How to apply the serum to the hair?

There are two possible ways to apply this product. The first is on wet hair , just after washing, which would be the most suitable to take advantage of all the moisturizing and repairing properties of the hair serum. You just have to put a few drops of serum on your fingertips, rub them together and apply it to your hair from the middle to the ends. Try to distribute it very well using your fingers as if they were a comb, so it will penetrate better into the hair fibers. Then comb and dry your hair as usual.

4.The other option is to use the hair serum on dry hair at the end of the hairstyle. This will help you discipline those unruly hairs, avoid frizz and make the ends much softer and prettier. Place a very small amount of serum on your fingers and apply it on those locks that you want to mold, but always on the ends to prevent the rest of the mane from taking on an oily appearance.

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5.The use of serum for hair is especially beneficial for women who have dry or dehydrated hair , and for those who also need a little protection from the heat generated by appliances such as dryers and flat irons. Start using this product and you will see how in a few days your mane looks much healthier and more beautiful.

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