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5 Inspiring teaching from A Yoga Teacher to the Yoga Students

A yoga teacher is a person who has evolved as a person and benefited from yoga. He, therefore, preaches what they have. For the welfare of the society and pass on from one generation to another. The 100 hours of yin yoga teacher training makes a teacher and student closer to each other. The teacher has expertise in yoga and knows all the knowledge about yoga. There are many challenges a teacher faces to make the students gain confidence in themselves. They teach an inspiring journey of curing various diseases. 

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  1. Adjusting our alignment does not mean that the teacher is not happy with us, after all, we are there to learn and every learner makes mistakes. If a user were perfect we won’t go there. The teacher just helps us to get the best out of the poses. That is all they want. Remember all possess are not for everyone. We know our body well if we feel certain difficulty let the teacher know about it. They will surely help one out. Don’t feel ashamed of it. We may try different variations of the pose instead of compromising with our health. Remember Health is wealth.

  2. It does not matter to the yoga teacher whether we can do a split and touch the toes. We just need to be at least trying hard. Don’t get fooled by those fancy yoga photos on our social media. Flexibility comes from regular practice.

  3. There is a strong chance that the yoga teacher also started yoga for the same reason for which we are going. It may be panic, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia on recovery from some injury. All humans go through the same situation so don’t be ashamed of one’s behaviour.

  4. Indeed, we do not have time in our schedule but yoga is truly beneficial. We must at least take some time to perform some basic yoga. One may miss out on doing yoga on some days don’t feel guilty of it, it is natural. Yoga should flow smoothly with the daily schedule and should not be pressure on us. Few minutes of yoga daily is also enough and we do not need to practice asanas for hours.

  5. We don’t need to remember those Sanskrit names of the yoga poses. It is not required at all. We can forget them at times and that normal after all we are all humans and not supercomputers. So don’t be ashamed of yourself if one forgets the names of the poses. 

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Yoga is a fantastic exercise to do. If we are doing it we should be proud of ourselves and be happy about the fact. At least we are all trying our best to live a happier and healthier life. The teachers who inspire others see themselves in the mirror and smile for doing great work. It is a splendid work to contribute in some way to society. The society needs a revolution and yoga practising can make one come out of the comfort zone and work on something new. The aerial yoga teacher training makes a friendly ambience for everyone to learn and enjoy at the same time. Yoga is the mantra for feeling motivated and active. In regular life, we have many things that increase our stress and brings forth many troubles along with it. The stress is managed by practising yoga in the regular form with the help of the teacher in the yoga class. The yoga training makes a regular breath and maintains a balance in mind and body.

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Yoga has far reached all around the globe. Yoga has saved many lives by benefiting them in the unification of mind, body, and spirit. Yoga opens many doors and takes health care from day-to-day problems. The basic poses are easy to learn and practice in a regular lifestyle. The poses are exciting and innovative to see and learn to gain much confidence in oneself. The exercises maintain the self-discipline and balance in our mindest and ahead lifestyle. Yoga is not just a recent fantasy, it has been proficient in different cultures for ages and folk all in the universe by gaining in many ways.

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