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Best New York Cupcakes

Cupcakes have become incredibly popular in New York recently. Many residents and visitors to the City prefer sweet muffins, instead of the already well-known hot dogs and New York pizzas. Cupcakes were repeatedly mentioned in the series Sex and the City, after which they became even more popular.

Learn about the history of cupcakes as you visit some of the best small bakeshops in New York City. Your host will take you to secret bakeries, starting in the West Village and continuing to the East Village as you search for the best the City has to offer. From the mini classic buttercream cupcake to the red velvet cream-cheese cupcake, you will discover a range of eclectic flavors baked daily.

This bakery crawl will take about 1.5 hours, throughout which you will walk for 1.5 miles. Visit the local bakeries and taste some of the most desired cupcakes the locals rave about, while also discovering local art and music as you crawl from the famous Washington Square Park to the streets of the East Village.

You will depart from this experience with a newly discovered love for New York’s Bakeries and the East Village. You will also, of course, have the opportunity to shop at the bakeries to make some delicious goodies home to share.

Below, check out the list of the most famous places where you can enjoy delicious cupcakes.

Magnolia bakery

Magnolia Bakery is one of the most famous cupcake maker chains and has gained its popularity with Sex and the City. The first Magnolia Bakery opened on Bleecker Street. The atmosphere here is very calm and cozy. One of the most popular types of sweets is the Red Velvet Cupcake (Red Velvet).

Luxurious cupcakes Red velvet got its name due to the red color of the biscuit. This color can be achieved by adding a little red food color to the dough. The delicate texture of Red Velvet consists of a unique combination of vanillin and chocolate. The traditional recipe for this unusual dessert comes from the United States.

A lot of exciting desserts sold in the patisserie, try Hummingbird (banana & pineapple) cupcake or flavored pistachio cupcake. Prices start at $ 2.75 per cake. Due to the incredible popularity, do not be surprised at the lines. Magnolia Bakery has released a huge number of cookbooks and kitchen utensils.

Address: 401 Bleecker Street and West 11th Street

Georgetown cupcakes

It all started with the fact that two sisters from Washington, decided to leave their daily work and open a cupcake confectionery. Today, the bakery has become very popular. Georgetown Cupcakes networks are located throughout America. In 2012, a candy store opened in the Soho quarter.

You may also have to wait a bit here. While waiting, look in the windows around and select the desserts that you plan to order. Every day, the selection of desserts becomes much more diverse. The price for one cupcake is $ 2.75.

Address: 111 Mercer Street (between Spring and Prince Street)

Two Little Red Hens

This establishment claims that they make the most delicious cupcakes in all of New York. It is very cozy, and everything is a bit like a warm and comfortable Australian chalet. It makes delicious desserts. Two Little Red Hens won the New York Best Cheesecake Contest. Their sweets can be bought at the luxury store Dean & Deluca.

After you try Brooklyn blackout dessert (a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate cream), you will understand why this place is so popular. Mini cupcakes cost $ 1.75, and regular cups cost $ 3.

Address: 1652 Second Avenue (86th Street)

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Vintage style is present in every detail of this cute pastry shop. All products made from environmentally friendly products. Part of their profits goes to a charity organization (FEED project) to combat hunger among children around the world.

There are many reasons why you should visit Little Cupcake Bakeshop, but the most important of them is delicious cupcakes. They have a huge selection of sweets, Mott Street Cupcakes, carrot muffins, and peanut butter and jam cupcakes. The price for one is $ 3.50.

Address: 30 Prince Street

Buttercup bakeshop

Cheerful staff will welcome you at Buttercup Bake Shop in downtown Manhattan. With a huge variety of sweets, it won’t be very easy for you to make a choice. In addition to all the different types of cupcakes, wonderful banana pudding is baked here. The price for one cap-cake is $ 2.75 if you are at a loss to make a choice, order ten mini-cupcakes for $ 16.

Address: 973 2nd Avenue (between 51st & 52nd Street)

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Baked by Melissa

There are a huge number of different types of cupcakes. Order a few cupcakes to try a few. Cooked by Melissa Confectionery only sells such mini cupcakes. The first candy store was opened in Soho, and today in New York, there are more than 12 Baked by Melissa candy stores.

Try Tie-Dye, Cookie Dough, or Chocolate Chip Pancake. Every month new varieties of cupcakes appear here. Since the cakes are quite small in size (2.5cm), order a few. Buy three cupcakes for $ 3.

Address: 1585 Broadway (47th between Broadway & 8th Ave)

Molly’s cupcakes

A sweet pastry shop in The Village. The second bakery in Chicago won many prizes in the City’s best cupcake category.

The history of this confectionery is quite interesting. Miss Molly is the name of the teacher of the owner of the institution. When one of her students had a birthday, she baked cupcakes. In her honor, part of the profits goes to be given to schools.

In Molly’s pastry shop, you can choose the components of your cupcake, taste, filling, and decorations with whipped cream or cream. Several seasonal and vegan options are baked here. The most popular cupcakes are Apple Pie (apple), Peach Cobbler (peach), Pumpkin Spice (pumpkin), Ron Bennington (peanut butter with jam and chocolate), and Red Velvet (red velvet). They make a wonderful Oreo Cookie Cheesecake. The price for a mini cupcake is $ 1.25, for a regular cupcake $ 2.25 and $ 3 for a cupcake with a filling.

Address: 228 Bleecker Street (at 6th Ave)

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