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Benefits of best pesticides practices that promote healthy living

The mention of the word pesticide brings in the mind of many a chemical that kills. Since humans are not immortal, they are also at risk if these pesticides are used in the wrong way. That said, pesticides have been used around the world for ages to promote the growth in food production for human consumption. The benefits have been enormous, while the side effects are a result of mishandling or misuse.

The growing population has seen an increase in demand for agricultural herbicides and domestic insecticides to control harmful pests. In providing guidance and information about these products, and other sites have been very of great importance to consumers. Since pests won’t just go away, the use of pesticides is here to stay. Let us look at how to continuously and safely use pesticides to promote healthy living.

Health benefits of pesticides

Healthy eating is one way of maintaining good health. These calls for the growth and preservation of all types of food crops. Below are some of the reasons humans use pesticides to promote healthy living.

Higher food production

Agriculture is the production of food for human consumption. Without this, human survival will be at risk. Food production enhances a balanced diet to prevent deficiency diseases. However, unwanted consumers are always waiting to have a share of this production and in a harmful way. The use of pesticides is, therefore, important to ensure that we achieve the highest possible production. Without this, the pests will attack crops before they are ready for harvest, creating a food crisis.

Food preservation

It is not possible to store non-perishable food crops for many months or years after harvesting without the use of pesticides. The same way there are field pests during the growing stage, so there are after harvest pests that attack mostly dry cereals. Cereals form a major component of strategic food reserve for many countries.

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Makes food prices affordable

Higher production ensures that there is always enough for everyone to eat. Hence there is a balance between demand and supply to keep prices at an equilibrium level. Food shortage in any community results in malnutrition and related diseases. Failure to preserve food for future use or before the next harvest leads to short supply that usually escalates prices.

Environment conservation

Herbicides, insecticides, and other agrochemicals enable farmers to produce more under lower acreage. Hence, it reduces the need to create more farmland by cutting down trees. Use of weed controlling chemicals also reduce the need to till the land and to cut down on the rate of soil erosion

Controls the spread of diseases

In addition to enhancing the growth of livestock and crops, pesticides are also used to protect humans directly from pests. Human health is affected by various deadly diseases that are transmitted by insects. Such diseases include malaria, which is transmitted by mosquitoes through human blood. Other diseases that can be controlled by the use of pesticides include typhus, which is transmitted by fleas and body lice, and the bubonic plague, which is spread by rat fleas.

Simple practices in the use of pesticides

Having looked at the massive benefits that come with the use of pesticides to promote healthy living, it’s also evident that it comes at a cost. Any form of misuse or mishandling can counter these benefits and lead to loss of lives and environmental degradation. Hence are some tips to safe and productive use of pesticides

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