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Famous Black And White Photographers – Look for Something Unique and Special

Colors look beautiful but black and white photography has its own uniqueness. It creates simply a special aura. 

Moving back to days when photography was initially invented, a neutral picture that was available. Now, the color photography has been in trend from long time period. Since, the fashion photography is turning an important form of the contemporary Indian Art, the problem then arises, and should we overlook Black and White photography or try to use it in different way. 

Here check out the list of Famous Black And White Photographers:

Raghu Rai – New Delhi

Raghu Rai is having special passion in photography and associated with the field since 1965. He is a famous photographer and has worked on a number of social and political grounds through his photography. He worked with green silence during the Bhopal gas leak happened in 1984. He was honored by Padmashree award by the Indian government to respect his photography work.

Prabuddha Dasgupta – Mumbai

When it comes to fine art photographer, the name of the Prabuddha Dasgupta comes in the top list. The right sense of fashion and black and white photography were mostly controversial, but the hardwork and passion make him one of the well-liked photographers.

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Born in Belgrade, Boogie is a specialized black and white photography. Started from the New York City plans to skinheads in Serbia and streets of Tokyo Yeah, we’re not trying to idealize it, but he loves to moves deep and wide, catches potent, ultimate moments naturally in the middle of the chaos. It’s surely an arty not the photojournalism. The grayscale and grainy grittiness is an ideal stylistic healthy.

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

The perfect American husband and wife “Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison’s” are famous for the wonderful black and white series of photography. They follow up light sepia particularly. The performance of the environment capture and “metaphorically and poetically link difficult actions, idiosyncratic rituals, and oddly basic machines into tales related to the advanced experience. The absence of the color allows the photographs a noir or even melancholy feel to any particular decade.

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Roger Ballen

Roger Ballen was born in New York and Johannesburg-based photographer initiated with the documentary photography in the rural South Africa, then his composition mutated, physically. The surrealism of the Ballen’s isn’t created; it’s long with sculptural use of props and careful, potent works. The immediately recognizable style provides an edge to collaborators and compatriots Die Antwoord which is smeared and dusted with an universal layer of dust.

Sally Mann

Focused on black and white photography actually assists in differentiate Sally Mann’s convincing, socially-risque remains of work and screwed-up the album of the family. No doubt, it is not just individual skill, technique and vision that directly affect the outcomes, but it almost feels as it is almost like a vintage grayscale adds a required level of distance in the middle of the subject of even image.

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Contact Manoj Aryan for wonderful black and white photography in Delhi NCR

If you are looking for the best photography in Delhi/NCR, then the name of Manoj Aryan is always comes on the top list of the black and white photography. His best collection of the black and white photography will directly hit the mind of the viewers. He is a professional photo artist who really adores making the pictures with the assistance of the camera. Rightly blessed with a flexible character, you will eternally find the happy and quite clear for the goal of the lives.

In the present age of vibrant colors, some of the photographers still find black and white photography quite romantic and interesting one. What’s more, despite of the digital photography, lots of people are still interested in creating black and white film just to enjoy the magic of the procedure. It is observed as a medium such as oil or watercolors directly in the painting.

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Black and white photographs are expected to be quite less distracting as compared to the color. They give more focus on the attention on the image that the photographer desires to show up. Shadows, lights and at the same time the textures can be shown in the black and white.

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