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The Very Popular Black Halloween Contact Lenses & The White halloween eye contacts

Halloween has always been a festival of extreme fashion, costumes and appearances. This is one festival that is synonymous to freedom and craziness. I mean going crazy on this day is never a bad idea. What is great about this even is that you also get to dress as your favourite TV character, something you cannot do unless you are a little kid. 

Now when you are ready to wear your favourite Halloween costume regardless of how cool or how terrifying it is, you need something special to make it even more amazing. That something special are the Halloween contact lenses that have become a corner stone of every Halloween costume nowadays. 

Among these Halloween contact lenses there are two very popular contact lenses that are favourites of all the contact lenses users on Halloween. They are the black contacts and the white Halloween contact lenses. 

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It is better to learn about them one at a time.

White Halloween contact lenses

We shall start with the white Halloween contact lenses. They are one of the most popular Halloween contact lenses. Every year you would find so many people using them as their Halloween lenses. The thing about these lenses that makes them so popular is that they are available in many different varieties. It is not just simple white Halloween eye contacts but in the white colour category there are three very in demand lenses, they are as follows

  • The white out contact lenses
  • Blind white contact lenses
  • White sclera contact lenses

These three options are very popular in the white category where the white out contact lenses reduce your coloured eye to a single small dot in the middle. This lens is widely used for zombies and other similar fictional characters. Secondly, we have the blind white contact lenses that turn the eye complete white as though you are completely blind, perfect for ghost costumes or possessed by demon costumes. 

Lastly we have the white sclera contact lenses, these lenses are larger in size and they cover the whole eye not just the iris. Being white in colour, their effect is very similar to that of blind white Halloween contact lenses. In the sclera lenses there is also a mini sclera white contacts that are just larger than the normal white lenses but smaller than the regular White sclera contacts

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Black Halloween Contact Lenses

After the white we have the black contact lenses that are also equally popular among the people. And again they are very widely used for Halloween. Some would say they are the most used Halloween contact lenses. 

Similar to the white Halloween contact lenses black contacts also come in many different styles and varieties. Due to their dark colour the black Halloween contact lenses are a very popular product for Halloween. They work particularly well on almost any Halloween costume. Some of the most loved products among the black Halloween contact lenses are 

  • Blackout Halloween contact lenses
  • Black manson Halloween lenses
  • Black Sclera contact lenses
  • Black hell raiser contact lenses

Each and every of the mentioned styles in the black category is very much popular. The blackout Halloween contact lenses and the sclera contact lenses are the hottest styles. The blackout Halloween lenses turn your iris pitch black depriving it off its design and shades. It is quite haunting if you really look at it and then you have the black sclera contact lenses that cover the eyes completely. Imagine someone coming at you with complete blackness in place of their eyes. That would really haunt anyone. You also have the mini sclera black lenses that are just a tad smaller than the other Halloween eye contacts.

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These are some of the most popular black and white Halloween contact lenses. You just cannot pick one out of the two as the better contact lenses pair. Both are amazing in their own way and the effect they give.

That said, it is important that you take the right precaution when you are using your Halloween contact lenses, especially in the case of the sclera contact lenses. No matter how you look at it these lenses are and always will be medical devices. That means you need to be careful as to how you use them. Even if it is just for a day you must clean your hands before touching them and not sharing them with anyone whether friend or family. 

Just make sure you use them as instructed and your Halloween costume would look amazing than ever.

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