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Best Colors to Wear to Make You Look Smarter

Studies show that different colors have different meanings and different impact on how people perceive you when they see you in those colors. There are specific colors that give definition to your personality. There is always that one color which you give preference to whenever you decide to get ready for an outing. There are colors which you would prefer wearing in public because it makes you feel confident or bold. 

Well, you aren’t wrong. There are colors that you could wear whilst an outing or a gathering which has an impact on you and would make you look smarter as per the occasion. Here are some of the best colors to wear which would give your personality a pinch of smartness and would make you look and feel confident. 



Black is one of the most beautiful color of all. Wearing black would definitely make you feel and look smart to the people around you. According to a study, someone wearing black would be perceived as an indicator of power, prestige, boldness and intelligence. It makes one look serious and smart. There are many European universities who strictly advice their students to wear black on their graduation. For instance, Top Gun Jacket comes in a black color and as per the character Maverick, it shows power and prestige. 

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People who wear black are often professed to be ambitious and purposeful but in a smart way. A person wearing black would be apparent and visible even in a crowd full of people. It shows a bold, brave, intelligent and smart personality. 


  • Brown


Brown is said to be a color which makes you look smarter and more stable. As per a research, brown is the color which makes one look reliable, stable and robust. Brown is the color of earth and thus said to be a color showing reliability and strong will. 

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Wearing brown would make people perceive your personality as someone smart, slightly conservative, stable and always respectful. Wearing brown on formal or professional events can make a good impact on the other party.


  • Blue


You must have seen many blue uniforms like the uniform of a Navy officer or even a pilot. According to a research, blue is the color that makes one look confident, smart and reliable. Blue is the color which makes the other person think of that person as someone who is smart, a good influence and dependable. Blue is said to be the color of consistency. 

There are many different and attractive shades of blue which defines courtesy, kindness and sympathy. Blue shows smartness as well as calmness together. Wearing a blue color is the best way to show someone that you are responsible and reliable for any work. 


  • Green


There are some scientists in the University of Amsterdam who claim that wearing the color green can sustain your mood when you are in public or surrounded by people. Green color is usually affiliated by nature and nature brings peace and contentment. This color makes you look more radiant, smart and true to oneself. 

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Wearing green color can make you look more content, happy, smart and in a good mood as compared to any other girl. It is said that people who can pull of green color nicely are the ones with the best hearts and the ones who have the most love filled in their souls. 


  • Purple


Purple have always been the color of royalty and higher standards. Although this must have been changed since all colors are the same but there is still something royal about this color. This color represents sophistication. Wearing this color can make you look sophisticated, smart and royal. 

In today’s world, purple is the color that when people wear are perceived to be creative, insightful, smart, and as per some experts, purple color also indicates emotion and sensitivity. People who wear purple are said to be dreamy, insightful, smart and passionate people. 


  • Red


We all know how beautiful the color red looks on people. The red color indicates passion and craze! Wearing this color would definitely make people perceive you as the red beauty – bold and beautiful. Red makes one look smart and energetic. This color attracts the attention of the surrounding and makes you stand out in a crowd. The red color shows excitement and movement. 

Wearing this color can make other perceive you as a positive, energetic, smart and passionate person. Red color also makes a women look more appealing and beautiful. A research study at University of Rochester says that men are attracted to women who wear the color red. It is said to be the color of romance just like how we associate the color red with Valentines’ Day.

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