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How to tackle discolouration of skin?

Discoloured skin patches are quite common. There are many causes for it like birth marks, rashes, pigmentation disorders, and infections. While on the other side, few of these causes are harmful but few others need medical attention. Skin has melanin, it is small patch of discoloured skinpigment which gives colour to skin. If you have more melanin your skin will be darker, though less melanin means lighter skin. Yet melanin is also responsible for eye and hair colour. Discoloured skin patches are easily noticeable as they differ from your normal skin tone. They might be lighter, darker, or even of different colour like red, blue or grey. Acne also leaves scars which make skin discoloured. If you have acne then you should go for 

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acne treatment in Delhi or acne scars treatment in Delhi. It’s crucial for people suffering from it to understand it’s cause and treatment. 

Causes of discoloured skin patches

There are plenty of factors like

  • birthmarks
  • skin rashes
  • skin pigment disorder
  • skin infection
  • skin cancer
  • medical condition


People, when they born, have patches of discolouration are known as birthmarks. Some birthmarks are permanent while others fade away with time. They are either vascular or pigmented. Vascular are red in colour and occur due to abnormal blood vessels present in the skin. 

Skin pigment disorder

If you have lighter or darker skin patches, that signifies that you have skin pigment disorder. 

Best Anti-ageing treatment in South Delhi can also help you in fighting with this problem. There are few types of skin pigment disorder includes the following:

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  • Melasma
  • Vitiligo
  • hypopigmentation
  • Albinism

Skin rashes

Few types of skin rashes also cause discoloured skin patches. Tattoo marks also make skin discoloured you can get rid of this by going for treatment like tattoo removal in Delhi. These are 

  • Rosacea
  • psoriasis
  • contact dermatitis
  • Eczema

Treatment for discoloured skin patches

The treatment largely depends on the cause. If you have an underlying health condition, in this situation doctor will suggest the best course of treatment for that condition. While treating the problem often resolves  other skin associated problems. If the cause for this condition is skin cancer the earliest treatment is required. While birthmarks and pigments disorder doesn’t require any kind of treatment. But for cosmetic reasons, people can go for cosmetic surgeries. You can also go for

 laser hair reduction in Delhi. And find Best clinic for skin in Delhi You can also go for other treatments like chemical peels and topical creams.

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