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How to deal with bipolar disorder

If you have fluctuations in your behavior and having episodes of happiness, joys and then after that having sadness, anxiety and depression, then possible chances are that you are suffering from bipolar disorder. I am going to share complete details of its causes, conditions and reasons of bipolar disorder. If you have someone nearby, read it carefully that how to deal with bipolar disorder.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a sort of depression, manic depression. Manic means that somebody may feel joy and excitement about this while someone can feel irritation and can get annoyed. This is a mental illness that will be giving severity of high and low moods, that will keep changing in sleep, thinking, eating and all other activities.

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Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder and not bound to be in a specific country. Countries with high sedentary lifestyles. Low intakes of natural air, environment, and food. Countries like America, Brazil, Norway, Germany has the highest ratio of bipolar disorder. While India, Pakistan and China also stand in the list.

Cause of Bipolar disorder:

Before you know how to handle bipolar disorder, know about the causes. There is no specific cause leading to this. When brain cell damages and neurological functions get disturbed, it might lead to bipolar disorder.

Men and women are equally prone to this disease. However, as women are more emotional and tend to have more time rapid cycles. In addition, women spend more time being depressed, while men like to move on.

Reasons for bipolar disorder:

The major reason is less production of brain cells and excessive killings of neurons. There are two main reasons that are related to a person with bipolar disorder.

  • Genetic: maybe this ancestry disease. This genetically transmitted disease may help us found how to deal with a person having genetic disorders.
  • Biological change: Maybe a person faced an accident nearly that caused brain damage and leads to bipolar disorder.

Conditions of bipolar disorder:  

These conditions increased the risk of bipolar disorder more than a normal individual.

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These are 

  • Having first degree relative with bipolar disorder increases more chance of developing.
  • The recent death of a close one.
  • Drug and alcohol consumption.
  • Anxiety
  • Attention/deficit hypersensitivity disorder
  • Suicidal attempts.

If this disease left untreated or being ignored. Then it can be leading towards relationship damage, increased depressive episode, and poor work quality.

How to deal with bipolar disorder affected individual?

You have to ask a superior or expert opinion on how to deal with bipolar disorder. But there are some precautionary things you can do.

  • Mood chart record: Make a mood chart, and track the record. Of course, you can take help from google and other healthy sources. Women mostly tend to be more fluctuating with moods then men.
  • Psychiatric assessment: take the patient to a psychiatrist for therapy sessions. If you’re dealing with extremes, then don’t ever tell them that they’re meeting a doctor. Tell them that this is a friend.
  • Take extra care: Try to eliminate all the unnecessary stressful things in life and it will be smoother. if a woman is suffering from bipolar disorder, then check her relationship with her husband. If it is abusive, maybe a reason for bipolar disorder.

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