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Why Water is an Essential Nutrient?

Water is essential nutrient and it is important for all living organisms including human and plants. We can think of living without food for few days but cannot imagine our life without water for even a single day. All the systems of our body require water for proper functioning same is the case for plants. For plants water is major source of diet. They get their nutrients from water and without it they would die immediately.

 To fulfil the need of water humans have introduced methods of providing water to every single person living on earth. Plumbing an outstanding technique, favored all the individuals to get water easily and effortlessly while sitting at their home. Plumbing services in Dubai have helped people in getting water easily for their usage.

Importance of water for humans:

Unlike camels we have no storage mechanism of water in our body. We need water on daily basis because our body cells and tissues could not survive without water. It is essential for us in following ways;

  • Water is carrier of nutrients it provides all the required minerals and vitamins to our body cells.
  • Water acts as temperature regulator and helps in maintaining temperature of our body in different environments.
  • It helps in removing waste materials and toxins from body.
  • It also acts as a lubricant and makes our movements easy and free of restrictions.
  • Water helps in the digestion and breakdown of food.
  • It fulfils are needs of hydration and also protects are organs from damage by providing them cushioning.

Water as Building Material

 Water is a building block for all the body tissues, cells and compartments of our body. Because it is there source of nutrition during the growth period of life. Water helps in the functioning of all the structures of the body. 

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Water has a capacity to acts as a thermoregulator during hot and cold environment. During summer it regulates the temperature of the body by stimulating the sweat mechanism. When sweating is evoked water is evaporated from skin surface and in this way, heat is dissipated in an efficient way.

Assists in Digestion

Digestion begins with saliva, the basis of which is water. Digestion depends upon the enzymes present in our bod fluid. They break down the large food particles into smaller and then water with other liquids helps them in getting dissolved and stored in body. 

 Shock Absorber

Water performs the function of short absorber by assisting in maintaining the shape of the cell. In case of any sudden or normal activity like during running or walking it protects the shapes of cells and prevents them from any serious damage. And this activity of water is important for the safeguard of spinal cord and fetus, which is protected by water cushion.

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Maintain Homeostasis 

Water is a fundamental feature of homeostasis in living organisms. Water breaks down gas molecules and permit effective transport pf carbon dioxide and oxygen. It maintains the homeostasis by taking the toxic and excretory material out of the body along with it. It also increases the blood flow to keep the balance of heartrate and blood volume.

Apart from using water for drinking it is also used to carry out activities of daily life. Activities for which it is used are 

  • for cooking purposes
  • for washing clothes
  • for keeping communities and homes clean 
  • for bathing 
  • for keeping plants alive and fresh

Sources of water 

Water is obtained from natural and artificial sources to fulfil its demand. The main sources are;

Surface Water

Surface water is found under the rocks. The level and location of their water depends upon the type of the rock under which the water resides. The layers of rocks hold particles of water in it.  This water in layers of rocks is collected from a specific area called catchment. After collecting them from the catchment it is stored by different methods, they could be natural or artificial. 

By introducing motor system and plumbing service one can get this surface water residing under their homes. Rehan services provides one of the best plumbing services to favor people as much as they can.

Well water

In order to get underground water holes are drilled deep down and then water is pumped via rope or by using pump. Mostly they utilize diverse sorts of pump at the surface to raise the water. In this way water is provided to the community. 

Rain Water Tanks

Rain water is natural and pure source of water. The water that falls through cloud gets collected and then use for households and other purposes. It is relatively clean and free of cost. In areas where rain is experienced more often, they are at benefit. Rain water tanks are made to collect the rain water. It is cleaned if contaminated and all of the contaminations are washed. 

Lakes and River Water

Lakes and rivers nearby a community serves as a source of water for them and for their crops. It is cleaned properly and then used for drinking and washing activities. 

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Misuse of water and its effects

In recent years water shortage is observed due to over and misuse of water. It is not a temporary issue because its results are worse and long lasting. It has negative impact on biodiversity, wildlife and wetlands. It is a basic necessity and if got short to a dangerous level then there is chance of drought and deaths. Still, we take it for granted and not consider it an important issue. 



It could be possible that shortage of water results into a conflict between the nations and may end up in the form of war.


Lack of water would cause disease and spread of various infections because of unhygienic conditions. If there would be no cleanliness there would be more chance of infections and diseases. 

No Irrigation

Absence of water is a threat for crops. Without water there would be no crops and no food which would lead to death and end of life. 

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