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How To Stay Fit and Active While Working From Home

Many people recognize the importance of exercising but don’t always put time into it because they don’t have at-home fitness equipment or lack the time and convenience, even if they work from home.

When you work from home, you don’t have much reason to leave your house. Since many people like to work out while outside, they may struggle to get the motivation to exercise. However, there are ways to stay fit and active while working from home; let’s look at some tips to help keep you moving.

Schedule Your Exercise

Most people don’t exercise when they work from home because they forget to schedule their workouts during the week. Since you’ll be busy and tackling work at home most of the day, you must add exercise to your schedule to get it done.

Scheduling your exercise will make working out at home more manageable for you in multiple ways.

  • No excuses about time
  • Not forgetting to exercise
  • Planning around your schedule

If you have dedicated time to work out at home, you won’t have any excuses if you don’t go through with it. The approach will help you keep exercising, do it when necessary, and ensure you stay in shape.

Some people forget to exercise because of their busy lives, so planning it out will help you avoid such a situation. Then, instead of expecting to remember or find time, you can follow the schedule, perform your exercise, and stay on top of it.

You also don’t have to work out at the same time each day if your schedule varies. Instead of expecting a consistent workout and having it fall through, you can move around your exercise time based on the situation.

Build a Support System

Maintaining a workout routine without encouragement can pose some challenges. So instead of attempting to do it alone, you should build a support system to help you. That means talking with people who want to help you stick with your workout routines.

You can take this approach by asking others to follow up with you or have them share their exercise experience. These approaches help you keep working out since you have people to hold you accountable for exercising.

Asking people to follow up with you involves asking if you worked out every couple of days. That way, you’ll expect them to ask you, so you’ll get into the habit of sticking with your routine, so you don’t disappoint them.

As for having others share their experiences, they can encourage you to work out by mentioning what went well for them. Of course, you’ll want to contribute to the conversation, so you’ll do so as you tackle your weekly workouts and focus on staying fit.

To take this approach, you must find people who take working out seriously. 

Set Some Exercise Goals

Handling exercises can pose challenges, so you should set some goals. The process should involve short-term and long-term goals to get you started. The short-term goals should be ones you can achieve in a week, while long-term goals take more time.

For example, most organizations recommend getting 150 minutes of exercise weekly. You can figure out how much you want to exercise a week and split that time into days. You may want to work out four times a week, so plan your days accordingly.

You’ll notice excellent pros as you create and achieve goals to stay fit and remain active.

  • Giving yourself direction
  • Building your confidence
  • Understanding your potential

You may find it challenging to stick with a routine if you don’t offer yourself direction. However, if you set goals, you have something to aim for and achieve. You’ll naturally become more confident in your abilities as you reach those goals and keep working out.

Reaching those goals will show you that you have great potential. So keep pushing yourself and improving to become more comfortable with yourself and meet your physical needs regarding your healthy routine.

Choose Your Workout Setup

You must figure out how you plan to stay fit and active by choosing your workout setup. For example, some people place exercise machines in their homes, but others may want to work out at a gym or outside.

Both of them have their benefits, so you must consider the options. For example, working out from home saves you time and makes it easier to start. However, some people don’t feel motivated when they can watch TV or do something else.

Some people may find it difficult to leave their homes, but others may use it as motivation to work out. They don’t want to feel trapped in their homes, so they run outside or go to a gym.

You may even exercise to get there, but you can also save money on equipment. While paying for your own equipment may seem expensive, you’ll save more money if you purchase it rather than pay for a yearly gym membership.

It comes down to considering your situation and determining if you want at-home fitness equipment or a gym membership.

Get Enough Rest

While you should work out and remain active when you work from home, you can’t push yourself too hard. You’ll get sick and even harm your body if you don’t get enough sleep. If you cause too much harm or become ill, you won’t be able to work out for a while.

Some people lose the motivation to work out iff they were sick or injured. Since they get back into the habit of not working out, they struggle to start again since they either enjoy the additional time or find it hard to continue from their last point.

To avoid this problem, you should rest your body and get some sleep. Not only will sleep help you to remain focused throughout the day, but it’ll also help your body recover from the workouts so you don’t feel aches or pains.

Try Online Workout Videos

You should look into some online workout videos if you don’t know what steps to take or how to use your at-home fitness equipment. These videos can show you how to use the equipment while offering creative ways to work out properly.

Not only will you have a guide, but you can use these videos to stick with specific exercises. You can look up different videos, see which ones you like, and use them to stay in shape. You can even find multiple videos to vary your workouts and avoid boredom.

If you don’t like specific videos, you don’t have to stick with them. You can easily find free and paid options depending on what you prefer or can afford. Ensure you spend some time looking into your options to find ones that match your skill level.

Start With a Light Workout

Once you set yourself up and want to stay active while working from home, you’ll have to look into light workout options. Starting with easier workouts can help you in multiple ways.

  • Get you started
  • Avoid intimidation
  • Build up your body

Most people struggle with staying fit because they find it difficult to start. If you keep it light and simple at first, you’ll find it easier to begin. Once you start with a light workout, you can easily transition it into more intense workouts as you become better.

You could also feel intimidated by extensive workouts if you don’t usually exercise. Instead of going for a difficult workout routine, weaning yourself will help you find the right skill level to remain safe and efficient.

As you find your ideal skill level, you can improve your body and build yourself up to higher levels. You shouldn’t try a difficult workout at the start since your body may struggle, so get stronger and work on yourself first.

Try Exercising During Work

Even though it seems counter-intuitive, some workers will work out as they do their jobs. They manage this by utilizing the equipment they can use while they complete their assignments.

For example, some people purchase stationary bikes or floor pedals as an easy way to work out. That way, they can pedal with their feet and get some exercise as they work. While it may not offer the best training, it can help some people burn calories and stay active.

You can use these machines for light exercises before transitioning to another workout. Some may even use the equipment to warm themselves up before a work break to start a better exercise later.


Remote work at home has some solid benefits, such as not needing to commute and picking your hours. However, proper exercise and getting the motivation to work out can pose some challenges when you work from home.

Working from home won’t prevent you from remaining fit and active. Doing so requires effort and planning, but you’ll get into the physical condition you want as you focus on it. Make sure to look into at-home fitness equipment and other options to remain physically fit.

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