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Online Yoga: Glo Offers Access to Calming Teachings

Education is an important aspect of yoga; having access to a teacher who speaks your language makes all the difference in the world, especially when you are looking for something like inner-peace. Glo answers that call by offering online yoga and giving you access to qualified teachers.

How Does it Work?

Glo has an easy setup that makes it easy for yoga teachers to connect to students who are ready to receive the right instruction. It all starts with three simple questions mostly focused on the kind of instruction you are looking for.

Peace is what you long for, so ideally, you want to work with yoga instructors who focus on this aspect of yoga. This means connecting to teachers who focus on meditation and restoration to start. Once you do that, you can explore a few teachers so that you can learn about them and their teaching philosophies.

It may seem like you are doing a lot, but the truth is that taking your time to see which teacher connects with you helps ensure you’re able to absorb lessons more effectively. You need inner-peace; you don’t want to feel like you are not connecting in a time when you need to feel that connection with an instructor.

Teachers Focused on Calmness

The following are a few teachers to consider:

Jo Tastula

Only a few yoga teachers understand meditative yoga as well as Jo Tastula. She offers one of the most comprehensive online yoga classes on Glo. Like many teachers on Glo, she’s had many years of experience with this type of yoga, which gives you the knowledge to succeed.

Her classes are ready for anyone, no matter the skill level. One thing that makes her stand out is that she makes you feel welcomed and like you are in a sacred place when you take her online yoga classes through Glo. Give Jo a chance, and there’s no telling how much you’ll get out of this.

Elena Brower

If you desire a teacher who is willing to speak to your heart, then Elena is your teacher. Connecting with students is hard to do without heart and Elena knows this.

She speaks with clarity and genuine honesty. She is willing to share her vulnerabilities. She does this to ensure you don’t feel alone during class. She knows that if you feel like you are understood, you’ll be more open to her teachings and philosophies.

Amy Ippoliti

Amy is another instructor you should pay attention to, especially because she offers restorative yoga. This style focuses on finding ways of making your body feel good again.

Stress can cause tension in different places in your body. You may not feel it at first, but it is there, and it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable after a while. Restorative yoga seeks to use specific styles to help your body heal and let go of the stress you’ve been carrying.

These are some teachers at Glo who are ready to offer up their knowledge through online yoga. Follow your intuition. When you find the right teacher, you’ll know and will feel great about it.

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