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Why online scratchcards are better than real ones

Due to technological advancement, many people, especially the youth, are now using online scratchcards. This trend has primarily been fuelled by the presence of smartphones that support advanced features. Online scratchcards at Lottoland come with the convenience and superior features that many bettors find attractive. What you require to access these virtual cards is a device with the internet. In case you win a lottery after buying the scratchcards, you’re informed through an email, and you don’t need to watch televisions to know results.

Despite superior features inherent in online tickets, some people still prefer offline cards. Such people still prefer conservative lifestyles and may not accommodate that comes with technology. Keep reading the article to find why online scratchcards are better than the real ones.

Perks of online tickets

  • Registration-when you want to buy online scratchcards, you register once by opening an account. At the point of opening the account, you provide your info which is stored in the system. Any time when you want to buy the tickets, you don’t need again to provide your personal information. Each time you’re purchasing offline cards; however, you must provide personal information that assists the seller in knowing whether you’re of maturity age.
  • Security and notification-when you buy lottery tickets online, records of all your transactions and ticket numbers are kept. In case you lose or misplace the ticket and win the lottery, you’re notified through your email address. In case you buy tickets in a brick-and-mortar store, and you lose or misplace them, it may be challenging to know whether you won a jackpot.
  • Powerful features-online cards have convenient features that many bettors find convenient. Some features may allow you to choose numbers randomly and others enable you to keep and replay the scratchcards.
  • Easy to access-while you may need to travel to a brick-and-mortar store to purchase offline lottery tickets; you only require a device connected to the internet to access virtual cards. This means online tickets doesn’t come with any hassles or added overhead costs. You also obtain the tickets anytime you want to play the game.
  • Anonymity-when you buy online tickets, you keep your anonymity because nobody knows what you’ve been doing. This is convenient for individuals who don’t like displaying to people what they do online. Offline cards, on the other hand, do not have secrecy because the seller may tell people that you have bought the tickets.
  • Multiple gaming options-the online scratchcards come with an array of games that offer punters broad choices. The physical cards, on the other hand, have limited options in terms of games. The virtual lottery cards appear elegance as they cover multiple themes and features.
  • Multiple bonuses-there are many bonuses that you’re likely to enjoy when you play online cards. These bonuses boost your probability of winning a jackpot. Physical cards, on the other hand, don’t offer such gifts.


Online lottery tickets have multiple perks compared to physical cards. This blog has explored the advantages of using virtual cards.

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