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7 Ways To Make Your Business Brochure Effective

People today love brochures, and they’re a great way to get your message and commercial across. A brochure is the perfect piece of paper that you can use to show off your business in detail. While brochures tend to be expensive, there are shortcuts for you. can save money when creating yours. But, need not worry about this as we’ve got you covered with these seven ways on making your brochure templates effective:

1.     Get personal

When creating your brochure, the first thing you should do is add a picture or two of yourself or staff members involved in what you do. This person must seem friendly and approachable, meaning they must look like a real person and not random stock or cartoon image.

This gives the brochure more credibility as it seems like you’re presenting this brochure to a real person rather than an unknown entity. The brochure needs to seem friendly and approachable, making the reader feel comfortable enough to open up and read all about your business.

2. Make use of images throughout

While the text is great, it can be boring and overwhelming for people who just want the facts straight away without first reading through several content pages. Images are perfect as they break up text and make it easier to read while also adding depth and dimension into brochures that would otherwise be flat and uninteresting. For example, if your brochure is about the various outdoor activities you offer, images of people having fun would be perfect for including.

3. Answer the question

Another important aspect of brochures is who they are created for and by whom. Your brochure needs to represent what you do in the best possible way, but several ways to go about this. You could use a brochure maker just for potential clients or one specifically designed for staff members, which represents the workflow too. Whichever way you choose to go, brochures tend to work best when personalized and tailored, especially for the group or individual that it is intended for.


4. Make use of a strong headline

The heading should be catchy and grab the reader’s attention in such a way that they instantly want to find out more about what you’re offering. This will only be achieved when the brochure is made with someone in mind, which means that whoever reads it must automatically know whose brochure this is straight away without even looking at the nameplate on top! The headline needs to resonate with your target audience and relate to what you do as a business, so make sure you think carefully about all of the important questions before writing one. How would I describe my company? What is the most important thing that I want to say about my company? What makes me and my business different from others in this field?


5. Keep it simple

Another great way to save money when creating brochures is to keep them nice and simple. It will help if there’s no clutter in the brochure with unimportant information or too much information. Instead, it would help if you focused on specific areas, such as what you do and how you can help your target audience. Remember, the brochure summarizes what your business does, so make sure that everything you include reflects upon this somehow. If there’s any irrelevant information, then simply leave it out!


6. Include contact details

Finally, always include your contact details and a contact form on brochures. Many people love brochures for their simplicity, but one of the best things about brochures is that they often include all the important information. The meaning is that brochure pages are easy to detach and keep as individual pieces of paper, which you can then use for other purposes. However, if your target audience misplaces this piece of information. It will be very difficult for them to make contact with you again, which could put them off working with your company in the future even though there was never any reason not to do so in the first place!


7. Keep color schemes simple

Last but not least, remember that less is more when it comes to color schemes. If a website or brochure has complicated color schemes, it can be distracting and difficult to follow, especially when there is a lot of information. Instead, opt for simple color schemes that do not distract from the brochure’s copy but also compliment it in such a way that your brochures stand out. You can check free brochure templates on graphic design websites like Venngage.


The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Brochures are one of the most important promotional tools because they provide potential clients with information about your business. Picking the right free brochures templates available online can make all the difference between whether or not someone decides to choose you over your competition. Venngage contains dozens of pre-made brochure designs that you can customize easily. By following these seven tips, you should have no problem creating an effective brochure next time you need one!

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