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What can you do to rekindle your sex life after menopause ?

Intimacy thrives when there is physical closeness between two partners. Sex is perhaps the most intimate thing a couple can experience. A good sex life can do wonders for a married life. But as years pass, keeping the spark alive in your relationship begins to seem harder. To keep that spark lit, it is important to maintain sex, which means ensuring that both partners are physically content. In a long term relationship, or a marriage, you might have to put in extra effort to keep things exciting, and that is not something you would regret doing.

When women undergo menopause, keeping the thrill in the relationship alive becomes harder for them. It is often seen that women who are in menopause show a lesser desire for sex. This can take a toll on their relationship with their partner. Some effects of menopause on a woman’s sex life are listed below.

Menopause leads to a drop in levels of estrogen and testosterone. This causes changes in women’s bodies and affects their sexual drive. Their ability to be aroused and sensitive to sexual touch starts to reduce, and this can cause a decreased interest in sex. 


  • Vaginal Dryness


Lower levels of hormones in the body can lead to vaginal dryness. There is a lack of natural lubrication in the vagina. This makes it difficult for women to enjoy sex and can also cause painful intercourse.


  • Vaginal Laxity


Vaginal laxity happens when the muscles of vagina become relaxed and loose, and a reduced tightness is experienced. Vaginal laxity leads to unfulfilling sex, a lowered sexual drive and inability to orgasm. It creates an unfulfilling sex life whch can cause problems in relationships as well as on one’s own satisfaction.


  • Painful and uncomfortable sex


Lack of hormones like estrogen decrease blood flow in the vagina, and affects its overall lubrication as well. It becomes difficult for women to orgasm, and make sex uncomfortable for them. Sex can also be painful for them because of a dry vagina.

How to rekindle sex life after menopause?

Menopause comes with a drop in level of female sex hormones, and this in turn leads to problems like vaginal dryness and vaginal laxity which have an adverse effect on the sex life of a couple. However, the good thing is that there is a solution to these problems. There are some things that can be done to ensure that these side effects don’t take a toll on your relationship with your partner. Along with this, treatment options are now available to cure these side effects of menopause and have an active, satisfying libido again. 

Some of the most popular treatment options for restoring women’s sexual health are listed below. 


  • Hormone Therapy


Levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone are increased with the way of medications. Looking at your hormonal status, your doctor can prescribe you medical supplements which will restore your hormonal levels, eliminating the side effects of menopause. 


  • Vaginal Estrogen


In this procedure, estrogen is released directly into the vagina with the help of ring, cream or tablet. This releases small amounts of estrogen in the vagina, which helps you to get rid of vaginal itching and dryness.


  • Laser Vaginal Tightening


Laser vaginal tightening in a painless procedure that restores the tightness of the vaginal muscles. Only a few sessions of laser vaginal tightening can help you get rid of a loose vagina, urinary leakage, vaginal itching and vaginal dryness.

Laser Vaginal Tightening: The most successful procedure to restore a healthy sex life.

Laser vaginal tightening is the most successful treatment option available to restore the original flexibility of the vagina, and give you back your libido. The treatment involves a few sessions of laser treatment of around thirty minutes each. The procedure successfully puts an end to loss of arousal, uncomfortable sex, decreased libido, itchy vagina, vaginal dryness and vaginal soreness. It is safe and has close to no side effects if all instructions are abided. Because of this, it has become a pretty popular alternative for menopausal and premenopausal women. 

Benefits of Laser Vaginal Tightening

  • Painless procedure
  • Causes reduction in vaginal laxity and looseness
  • Successfully treats vaginal dryness and itchiness
  • Boosts morale and self confidence of women 
  • Has effects that last for up to five years

Consult the best doctors for Laser Vaginal Tightening at Pristyn Care

Laser Vaginal Tightening is pretty safe and has very few chances of complicacies. But this happens only when you have an expert team of doctors performing this procedure and monitoring your recovery. Any negligence in this treatment can cause irreparable, permanent damage. 

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to choose the best doctors for your treatment. Pristyn care is known to have experienced, and skilled gynaecologists who are always at the disposal of their patients, and who have performed laser vaginal tightening treatment successfully several times, and will be the best option for you to get this treatment done. 

Physical changes that occur in the body with age are inevitable and bound to affect our relationship with our partner. When such time comes, extra effort is required to keep things happy and exciting, and the treatment options listed above are a part of those things. It should be kept in mind all times that if you are satisfied and happy with the way you are, only then can you be happy with your partner. 

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